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yay retro!: Seaside Sunset Crochet Shawl (£32.50)


Seaside Sunset Crochet Shawl (£32.50)
Seaside Sunset Crochet Shawl (£32.50)
Seaside Sunset Crochet Shawl (£32.50)
Seaside Sunset Crochet Shawl (£32.50)

Notes, Dimensions, Condition

Made by yay retro from 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool super soft yarn

Dimensions: 160 x 100cm approx 

Cool Hand wash, short gentle spin, Dry Flat

(Our reference for this item is yr20179)

Seaside Sunset Crochet Shawl

(yay retro!)

This is a super soft hand crocheted shawl. Created with rich sand, yellow, green and turquoise hues, the shawl brings to mind a sunset over the sea. The pattern includes open work and bobble stitches, which creates a visually stunning pattern on the shawl. I create these using an ombré effect yarn with colours changing in a creative way. The super soft yarn feels light, cuddly, warm and a pure delight to wear, the range of crochet stitches create texture and lots of visual interest. Use as a shawl or cosy up, wrapping as a scarf or cowl. You can wear this in heaps of different ways with the point hanging down your back, or down your front to keep you warm inside a winter coat or as an airy wrap on Spring and Summer days. I found mine invaluable both on holiday in the sunshine as a wrap in the evenings and then with my thick coat at home!This pattern was designed by Mijo Crochet and is called Secret Paths, a super popular design with young and old alike.

Please read notes, dimensions & condition before buying.

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