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Aladdin: Lemon 1950/60s Jug Flask - Stunning (£15.00)


Lemon 1950/60s Jug Flask - Stunning (£15.00)
Lemon 1950/60s Jug Flask - Stunning (£15.00)
Lemon 1950/60s Jug Flask - Stunning (£15.00)

Notes, Dimensions, Condition

Marked: aladdin, beverage butler

Dimensions: 30cm tall

Condition: Excellent Vintage, keeps drinks warm (tested)

(Our reference for this item is yr19865)

Lemon 1950/60s Jug Flask - Stunning


This is a fabulous and rare vintage Thermos flask in a delicious lemon yellow colour way! With a fabulous 1950/60s designed jug shape, this is in amazing condition and makes a superb gift idea or treat for yourself! This is called a Beverage Butler, and it is designed to keep drinks warm or cool. It should be kept upright as you would with a coffee or teapot, as it is not designed to be leakproof, more a super stylish way to store your drinks at the table or in your office, craft room etc. Adorable as a display piece as well. This is really top notch.

Please read notes, dimensions & condition before buying.

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