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John Dickinson: Gwyneth Mamlock Stationary Set (£4.00)


Gwyneth Mamlock Stationary Set (£4.00)
Gwyneth Mamlock Stationary Set (£4.00)
Gwyneth Mamlock Stationary Set (£4.00)

Notes, Dimensions, Condition

Dimensions: Box 28 x 20cm

Condition: Writing paper and envelopes unused.  The box has some light foxing at the edges and a little water damage on one side. However the image itself and the box contents are all fine.

(Our reference for this item is yr19039)

Gwyneth Mamlock Stationary Set

(John Dickinson)

This is a vintage stationary set containing beautiful lilac top quality deckle writing paper and envelopes (all unused). What makes this lovely is that it is is in a Gwyneth Mamlock decorated box with a little girl holding a black kitten and surrounded by flowers. Dating from the 1960s/70s this is a very colelctable item. You could choose to framed the box front?

Please read notes, dimensions & condition before buying.

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