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4 Atomic 1950s Sherry/Port Glasses (£12.50)


4 Atomic 1950s Sherry/Port Glasses (£12.50)
4 Atomic 1950s Sherry/Port Glasses (£12.50)

Notes, Dimensions, Condition

Dimensions: 11cm tall, 5cm dia

Condition: Excellent Vintage, look unused.

(Our reference for this item is yr16856)

4 Atomic 1950s Sherry/Port Glasses

This is a wonderful set of 4 1950s sherry/port glasses. These abstract patterned glasses look unused and are the perfect size for red or white wine. I can't stress how rare it is to find a complete set in this condition. They would make a superb gift!! They are decorated with gold, yellow, red, green, blue, red, orange, green and black. They have perfect gold rims and look unused. Absolutely stunning and a wonderful gift idea. Look out for our matching wine glasses!

Please read notes, dimensions & condition before buying.

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