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Empire: Empire Lime Green Vacuum Flask (£22.00)


Empire Lime Green Vacuum Flask (£22.00)
Empire Lime Green Vacuum Flask (£22.00)
Empire Lime Green Vacuum Flask (£22.00)
Empire Lime Green Vacuum Flask (£22.00)

Notes, Dimensions, Condition

Marked: the Chiltern Jug by Acme. Acme Vacuum Flask Co. Ltd, Bridgend, Glamorgan. Ceramics produced by Empire Porcelain Co.

Dimensions: 27cm tall with lid on 12cm dia at base

Condition: Excellent Vintage. The flask is intact. No chips, cracks or crazing on the jug,  very teeny area of crazing starting on lid mentioned for clarity. The rubber rim has dried out as is always the case with these flasks.

(Our reference for this item is yr13861)

Empire Lime Green Vacuum Flask


Why not this as a stylish , minimalist ornament in your lounge or dining room? This is a wonderfully tall sleek 1950s highly collectable ceramic jug with a vacuum flask inside. It is called The Chiltern Jug, which was made by Acme Vacuum Flask Ltd in Wales. The ceramic part was produced by the Empire Porcelain co. and is typical of Empire's designs at the time. This is a fabulous statement piece, and it is very, very rare to find it in lime green!!

Please read notes, dimensions & condition before buying.

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