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Hilary Causer: Vintage Apple Shoulder Bag (£29.50)


Vintage Apple Shoulder Bag (£29.50)
Vintage Apple Shoulder Bag (£29.50)
Vintage Apple Shoulder Bag (£29.50)
Vintage Apple Shoulder Bag (£29.50)

Notes, Dimensions, Condition

Dimensions: 40 cms (16 inches) at its widest point  29 cms (11 inches) deep, 
24 cms (9-10 inches) from top of shoulder strap to top of the bag

Condition:  Vintage and reclaimed fabrics may feature some fading, quirks or wear, these fabrics have had a previous life and this is part of their unique story. All the fabric in this item was laundered before use. 

(Our reference for this item is yr13284)

Vintage Apple Shoulder Bag

(Hilary Causer)

Handmade by accomplished seamstress Hilary Causer of Lemon Loves, this bag is fully reversible, and combines a vintage 1950’s soft cotton apple print in orange, yellow, lime and grey with a reclaimed grey wool weave. The bag is lined with a reclaimed cotton mix in bright Granny Smith green. Quite simply divine!

Please read notes, dimensions & condition before buying.

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