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Adderley : Fiesta Coffee Set (£)


Fiesta Coffee Set (£)
Fiesta Coffee Set (£)
Fiesta Coffee Set (£)
Fiesta Coffee Set (£)

Notes, Dimensions, Condition

Marked: Adderley 1789 Fine Bone China, England, Fiesta 651

Dimensions: Coffee Pot 21cm with lid, cups 5.5cm tall, 7cm dia. Saucers 12.5cm dia. Sugar Bowl 4.5cm tall, 8cm dia.

Condition: Very Good Vintage, no cracks or crazing. There is a chip to the inner part of the lid, which is invisible during use. A few teeny scratches to the glaze of 2 cups and the sugar bowl.

(Our reference for this item is yr12214)

Fiesta Coffee Set

(Adderley )

Fabulous Fiesta fine bone china coffee set. We have not seen one like it before, & believe it to be 60s in style. The coffee pot is pastel grey and white with a sunny yellow lid, the cups come in black, red, teal and dark green. These have pale grey saucers, and there is a pastel grey sugar bowl to match. Truly chic!

Please read notes, dimensions & condition before buying.

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