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Fiona Gurney Box of Frogs Mosaics: Dala Horse Kathie Winkle Mosaic (£18.00)


Dala Horse Kathie Winkle Mosaic (£18.00)
Dala Horse Kathie Winkle Mosaic (£18.00)
Dala Horse Kathie Winkle Mosaic (£18.00)

Notes, Dimensions, Condition

Marked: Fiona Gurney

Dimensions: 12cm high, 11.5cm wide

Condition: Excellent handmade art using vintage china

(Our reference for this item is yr12205)

Dala Horse Kathie Winkle Mosaic

(Fiona Gurney Box of Frogs Mosaics)

This wonderful Dala horse mosaic has been recently created by accomplished artist Fiona Gurney using pieces of Vintage Kathie Winkle China. It has been beautifully designed with a finished wood backing, covered in felt and has secure hook to hang on the wall. Alternatively you can prop or lean it on a shelf. Why not look out for more mosaic birds, fish and horses in our shop?

Please read notes, dimensions & condition before buying.

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