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Poole Pottery: Collectable Poole hors d'oeuvres (£42.00)


Collectable Poole hors d'oeuvres (£42.00)
Collectable Poole hors d'oeuvres (£42.00)
Collectable Poole hors d'oeuvres (£42.00)
Collectable Poole hors d'oeuvres (£42.00)

Notes, Dimensions, Condition

Poole continued to produce hors d'oeuvres dishes to this design, for over 30 years. However they had just one colour glaze to the outside and one to the inner, typically ice green and seagull or sky blue and dove grey.

Marked: Poole England engraved stamp, 989 hand written into the china, paintresses mark: 1:1

Dimensions: 25 x 12.5cm

Condition: Very Good 1940's vintage. When wet you can see that the inside has begun to craze, and there is a teeny chip to the base on the brown section, and to one handle on very close inspection. Not noticeable when in use.

(Our reference for this item is yr12093)

Collectable Poole hors d'oeuvres

(Poole Pottery)

Very rare triple coloured nibbles dish, hand marked by the maker. Poole adapted their triple hors d'oeuvres dish design in the early 1940's for families to use for their war time rations. Instead of being all one colour as usual, the sides are glazed in pink, celadon green and sepia to denote each person's piece of butter! This would be a super collectors piece, or use it for nibbles and tell the wartime story about it's design as you hand out the peanuts!

Please read notes, dimensions & condition before buying.

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