James Broadhurst & Sons manufactured tablewares at their pottery in Stoke-on-Trent from 1847.

Between 1958 - 78, the items designed by Kathie Winkle became very sought after, so much so that the pottery eventually began to put her name on the base of her designs, and these continue to be collected by people who love vintage and retro china today. Below we have Renaissance, a pattern made up of bright green and orange circles surrounded by black swirls.

This page will concentrate on Kathie Winkle's designs for Broadhurst. Kathie was born in 1932. She began work aged 15 in the potteries, and in 1950 joined Broadhurst as a piece paintress.  Luckily Kathie was allowed to have a go at designing patterns for the tableware the company produced, and in 1958 her first pattern Pedro went into production.

above...a rare set of Mardi Gras cups and saucers in the yay retro! shop

It was soon apparent that even without any formal training, Kathie Winkle had a great eye for detailed designs which appealed to the mass market, and patterns such as Renaissance above were soon found in homes across the UK, Canada and the USA.

Sold from supermarkets, chain stores and catalogues such as Grattan, Littlewoods and Great Universal these affordable tea, coffee and dinner sets became extremely popular. Above is one of Kathie's earliest designs called Palma Nova, this rarely seen pattern has drawings of leaves in the 50s style, typical of the period. Blocks of colour have been handpainted over in green, yellow and sienna. 

Other successful patterns included Olympus (with orange & yellow flowers) as seen on the dinner plates above and Michelle (a turquoise & yellow or orange & green design) on the dishes below.

Patterns were applied to the pottery in a two step process, firstly a rubber stamp applied the often detailed black 'line drawing' designs to the unglazed piece, then colours were hand painted over by paintress with a wash of colour. You can see the hand painted nature of the designs as they vary from item to item. 

It's been recorded that over 120 Kathie Winkle designs were produced by Broadhurst, which means this is an exciting brand to collect. You will find Kathie Winkle's designs on cups, saucers, plates, dishes, bowls, jugs, tea and coffee pots, cheese dishes, gravy boats, salt & pepper pots, covered sugar bowls, egg cups and even enamel casserole dishes and saucepans!!

Above...Brightly coloured Viscount consists of detailed vertical lines with lime and orange hand painted stripes. Below...October a lovely bold flower in yellow & browns on a set of tea plates we have in the yay retro! shop.

below...an adorable set of the Seville design we recently sold at yay retro!

Some of the other detailed pattern names to look out for are 

Acapulco (teardrop shapes with yellow and orange strips)
Agincourt (orange and green washes over swirl designs)
Albany (blue and yellow blocks with hatched black lines)
Alicante (large blue wash over complex floral pattern)
Alpine (minimal leaf shapes)
Apollo (daisies with yellow or blue washes over)
Autumn (black and orange oak leaves)
Arizona (large simple daisies)
Ascot (abstract simple leaf shapes overlaid with black & russet)
Bamboo (minimal bamboo pattern)
Barbados (oranges and bananas in complex design)
Barbecue (detailed abstract patterns with green, yellow & sienna washes)
Bridgewood (ditsy daisy pattern with red & yellow or orange & green washes)
Calypso (3 different orange & yellow large flowers)
Capri (Daisies with orange centres, sage green stripe)
Carousel (orange and blue circles)
Concord (abstract Art Deco like circles with blue & orange)
Compass (large complex circles with blue, orange diamonds or yellow with brown)
Cordoba (large floral pattern with orange & yellow)
Corfu (orange, blue & sienna flowers)
Eclipse (large technical circles with cross hatching)
Edelweiss (pretty blue and yellow centred daisies)
Electra (detailed scrolls of flowers)
Fortuna (black flower shapes)
Gaiety (stitched 50s block pattern with blue wash, and yellow cup)
Geneva (blue and sienna colour blocks, detailed black patterns)
Grosvenor (brown flowers in large pot)
Harebell (delicate blue flowers and yellow leaves)
Harvest A & B(wildflowers & barley)
Harrow 4 (interlocking blue & orange complex circles)
Hillside (bold detailed flower largely B&W)
Hyde Park (pairs of leaves with sage green & russet wash)
Indian tree (traditional almost chinese pattern)
Jamboree (duck egg blue & yellow blocks with black squares & lines)
Kimberley (semicircular yellow & brown shapes overlay abstract flower)
Kontiki (simple black lines with orange & green stripe) 
Lagoon (simple vertical stripes with orange & blue or yellow, green & sienna)
Lemon Grove (clusters of daisies with yellow wash)
Majorca ( orange & yellow stripes with black squiggle lines)
Mandalay (blue or yellow flowers)
Mikado (duck egg blue & yellow over black feather shapes)
Monte Carlo (blue flowers and brown leaves on intricate pattern)
Moorland (brown stripe surrounds group of detailed circles)
Moselle (large daisies, stripes with leaves on)
Muscouri (orange washes over bold abstract flower)
Newlyn (orange, green & yellow teardrops with black detailing)
Nova (various woodland leaves)
Olympus (black leaf shapes with abstract lozenge overlaid in yellow)
Paisley (blue and grey paisley shapes)
Palermo (blue wash over oval abstract pattern)
Pedro (Mexican Man asleep fishing)
Petula  (Blue or orange leaves)
Pomella (abstract sliced fruits)
Rebecca (pink & blue large poppies)
Regatta (Pale blue stripes with linear lines) 
Romany (detailed abstract tulips and flowers with brown wash)
Rosetta (yellow and russet tear shapes with black lines)
Roulette (blue circle surrounded by orange and brown diamonds
Safari (yellow & russet stripes over reed like lines)
San Marino (pears, apples & leaves)
San Tropez (primroses in blue and yellow)
Seattle (a green circle and sienna diamond)
Sentinel (yellow & blue floral shapes with simple wheat-like design)
Seychelles (various autumn leaves)
Silver Dawn (blue harebells and yellow flowers)
Solar (large starburst daisy in orange and yellow)
Sombrero( sienna circles surround yellow flower)
Tahiti (yachts and palm trees)
Tarragona (petal shapes with blue & yellow or sienna washes)
Tashkent (bold orange and brown washes over flowers)
Tenerife (pretty flowers & leaves with orange and sienna flowers)
Versailles (large open flower pattern yellow & sienna)
Wayfarer (brown bird, plant pot and flower motif) 
Wheat Rose (pink rose with wheat and abstract lines)
Woodland (elm leaves with orange & yellow)
Zodiac (bold flower & circle pattern orange & green)

Above...a cute Mexico jug (yellow and sienna or blue & yellow diamonds), and below a pin dish in the Orchard pattern.

Information on this page will be updated as and when we learn more, and is based upon our current knowledge.

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