Figgjo AS is a Scandinavian company who produce porcelain ceramics. The company took it's original name Figgjo Flint in the 60s, when Stavengerflint merged with Figgjo Fanjanse. Figgjo AS continues production today, and is based at Figgjo in the Sandes area of Norway.  The company was formed in 1941, and by 1969 had won its first award for design excellence.

...Above a Vegetable Serving Dish in Figgjo Flint's Turi Design 'Daisy'

Vintage Figgjo Flint is one of the most collected brands of tableware from the 1960s and 70s. Their bold, happy designs included large bright flowers, fish, folk art and abstract imagery. You can quickly spot a piece of Figgjo Flint by the backstamps FF, Figgjo Fajanse and Figgjo Flint.

One of the most collected patterns is 'Daisy' seen here on a set of tea cups and saucers. The coffee pot with it's pointy shaped lid, is shown below.

Matching items include sugar bowls, jugs, plates, dishes, serving and casserole dishes.

Above...a coffee set with blue and grey diamond patterns (pattern name unknown by us at present.) Here the cups are tall and tapered. The coffee pot remains the same shape as the 'Daisy' pot shown above.

One of the most desirable and sought after patterns is Annemarie, this features rows of bright orange and yellow flowers with light and dark green stems. Truly fabulous, it is hard to track down this pattern, and it demands a premium price. Above we have a lidded dish...Now for sale in the yay retro! shop.

Above..a large Annemarie serving bowl now sold.

Another top notch collectable pattern from Figgjo Flint is Clupea. This features a shoal of turquoise and blue Herring, surrounded by what appears to be cute little yellow onions. The dinner plates are an elongated hexagon shape.

If you love pinks and oranges, then Figgjo Flint Fajanse, Barcarole will be for you, as seen above the design looks as fresh and up to the minute today, as it was when it was launched back in the 1960/70s. You can see where so many contemporary designers get their ideas from can't you?

This heavy duty casserole dish in the Tor Viking pattern is from the Vulcanus range, this includes saucepans and skillets which have teak handles. Tor Viking features pretty blue and green flowers & berries, and you can find this pattern on tableware such as cups, saucers and plates too.

Check out the huge Tor Viking platter above we recently sold!

Below is an example of Figgjo Flints colourful Astrid pattern on a lidded serving dish...this features delicious red and teal blue abstract flower patterns.

Market Place is a fun pattern from Figgjo, it features Folk Art style people such as a fisherman, florist and grocer selling their wares in a village setting. 

The pretty set of egg cups  above have the floral decoration from the main Market Place pattern, and below is an example of a Market jug featuring a lady selling flowers and vegetables.

Information on this page will be updated as and when we learn more, and is based upon our current knowledge.

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