Galt Toys are collected by people the world over. James Galt & Co. were originally educational toy stockists. The company branched out into printing and publishing in the 50s and in 1961 the toy department known to vintage lovers was launched. 

I can recall going into prestigious department stores in the late 60s and desperately wanting many of the wooden toys and jigsaws created by Galt Toys. It was the bold colours and minimalist designs which I fell in love with, and it is a love I still have for the brand today. Many people buy 1960/70s Galt Toys to give to their children, grandchildren and to relive childhood memories. Many also use Galt Toys as artworks in their homes.

Galt continue to make toys for children aged between 0 and 10 years of age, and all are produced to be bright, appealing and to encourage learning through play. One of the most popular vintage toys they made in the 60s/70s & 80s are their wooden play tray jigsaws. These can come with or without handles on the pieces.  There is a huge array of designs, making them the ideal collectors item.

The handled pieces can include jigsaws which have pictures inside them - revealed when the pieces are lifted out. These are the most sought after type of Galt jigsaw  They are large in size and are ideal displayed on shelves as artworks in their own right. The farm is a great example where all the different animal homes can be lifted to show the animals inside.

Another sought after jigsaw is the Traffic Jam with a bus, lorry, caravan, ambulance and mini car. The pieces come away to reveal the occupants of the vehicles which is really exciting, enabling children to tell a story of where everyone is going.

Galt Toys also released the most wonderful card games such as Picture Lotto and memory card games. These are adored by vintage collectors for the little square cards and boards. Illustrated by key desginers of the day such as Kenneth Townsend & Ken Garland, these are treasured by many and always sell out of the yay retro! online vintage shop quickly.. 

Other Galt educational vintage games include Picture Word Games, which are chock full of beautifully illustrated cards as well as being a valuable learning tool. Many artists and crafters love to work with these games to create works to sell, and still more are influenced by the illustrations.

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Information on this page will be updated as and when we learn more, and is based upon our current knowledge.

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