Arabia of Finland is a Scandinavian brand which vintage collectors particularly seek out. For over 140 years, Arabia has been making tablewares, and has become one of Finland's most recognised brands. The company used the Finel trademark, and you can also find Wärtsilä and Järvenpää Emali alongside the Finel who were sellers of the brand. Arabia Finland manufactured enamel pots and bowls and also beautifully designed pottery tablewares in the 1960s & 70s.  

One of the most popular items in the Finel range would be the enamel kettles and teapots. These most often appear in red, however the design below can also be found in sky blue. These heavy quality enamelled pots were designed in the 1960s by Kaj Franck and Raija Uosikkinen, the pattern has white flowers, trimmed with black abstract details and is known as 'Punahilkka'.

The pot below has the highly desirable 'Kehra' Daisy pattern designed by Kaj Franck who was a regular designer for the company. This features orange and black abstract designs on a bright red background. 

Kaj Franck also designed a series of enamelled serving bowls of which the one below is an example. This has illustrations of mushrooms on it, there are also heart designs, fruit and vegetables, scenes with people and hthe Kehra pattern on the pot above.

The stunning Primavera pattern was created for the company by Raija Uosikkinen. Being bright yellow with green flower power patterns it is extremely desirable and collectable. This was also available in a green and a red colour way. 

Below is a gorgeous enamel saucepan by Esteri Tomula for Arabia. It features a funky cabbage design in bright green & white.  We've only ever seen this design once and it is currently available in the yay retro! shop.

Thinking about the pottery tableware created by Arabia Finland, one of the items most looked for would be the Kaj Franck jugs, these have cats, cows and butterflies on them. Ideal for milk or juice these are almost certainly most often kept for display these days due to their value.

Below is a superb example of an ARABIA Finland ceramic glazed fish serving platter, chopping board or wall plaque. These collectible items were designed by Kaarina Aho in the 1950/60s. The fish is white with sepia brown decorations. It is flat and has a hole for an eye, so it can be hung on the wall. Perfect for serving salmon, cheese or just for display. The makers mark can be found in teeny letters on the edge of the tail.

The Pomona jam pot range was designed by Ulla Procope during 1965-1975. These are again prized by collectors and have designs with strawberries, orange slices, berries, apples, gooseberries, blackcurrants, and bees representing honey.

There was also a pot designed with plums on it. These are large sized pots and it's lovely to imagine a Scandi breakfast table with wholesome bread, yogurt, muesli and these beautiful pots on it!

The series of tableware known as Sun Rose was designed by Hikka Liisa Aloha, who hand painted and signed her work HLA. This bright positive sunflower pattern is utterly stunning when seen in the flesh.

Esteri Tomula created the Marja design which features fruits such as apples, gooseberries, currants etc in pastel tones. We've previously sold a little salt and pepper set decorated with a raspberry and a little bunch of lingon berries. The Marja range closely resembles the Pomona patterns shown previously.

Below is an Arabia Finland gravy or sauce boat. This is the Ruija - Troubadour pattern, designed by Ulla Procope in the 70s.

Information on this page will be updated as and when we learn more, and is based upon our current knowledge.

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