Many people love to collect Crown Devon kitchen ware, the storage jars from the 60s are particularly notable especially with today's love of all things retro. These bright flowery jars are the mainstay of many a contemporary vintage style kitchen, and were designed by Mary Quant.

These were designed in a variety of patterns and colours, with bright orange flowers being the most often seen. They come with either wooden or wood effect lids, and a rubber seal ensures that they are airtight. It is worth knowing that you can buy replacement seals even today. They come in 2 sizes; the tea, coffee & sugar are all the same, however the biscuits and flour jars can be very large.

above...a blue and purple flowery storage jar from Crown Devon.

Crown Devon ware was actually produced by a company called S. Fielding & Co Ltd which manufactured pottery at the Devon Pottery in Stoke from 1870 to 1967. The Crown Devon name came into general use in the early 1900s although it was first used in the 1880s to label earthenware which was decorated in the traditional ‘Worcester’ flowery style. Fielding’s used the trade name ‘Crown Devon’ and the crown emblem of the company which often appears without the Fielding name.

above...a very rare pattern featuring two cockerels in red and yellow. This is quite Scandinavian in style.

above...a funky pattern you see from time to time featuring an abstract orange, yellow and lime design reminiscent of 1960s paintings.  

above... a beautiful set of storage jars which we think were possibly from the late 70s, these have black plastic lids and are decorated with a more traditional pattern of yellow roses.

You will also find Crown Devon pieces paired up with teak tableware items from Wyncraft (see below), we believe these are from the 50s. The striking Atomic style pattern features a simple black line and red polka dots. 

The company produced the gorgeous earthenware lids for Wyncraft's cheese boards

You will also find Crown Devon ware 
egg cups, preserve pots and butter dishes paired with Wyncraft.

Above... a stunning example of a Wyncraft & Crown Devon butter dish with the original label still intact.

Above.. a gorgeous preserve pot from Wyncraft with a Crown Devon jar.

Above...Crown Devon eggcups on a Wyncraft stand. Below an earlier piece of Crown Devonware, this curved dish is incredibly stylish and unusual. It is decorated with vegetables, we have also seen large bowls with roast chicken patterns!

One of the rarest Crown Devon pieces we have ever found is this marvellous large and unusually shaped serving dish. This could be used as a centrepiece to a dining table or as a fruit bowl. It is decorated with turquoise and orange bottles, glasses and fruit - even a kettle?!  This is a truly superb example of vintage kitchenalia.

Just recently we came across another two pieces of this amazing design...a jug and sugar bowl set. If you know the name of this pattern, perhaps you could email me as I love it's quirkiness and wonderful colours!

In 1964 Fieldings bought another pottery manufacturer Shorter & Son Ltd, sadly the company closed completely in 1982, and the historic Crown Devon Pottery was demolished in the same year.

Information on this page will be updated as and when we learn more, and is based upon our current knowledge.

Key Books:

Handbook of British Pottery 1900-2010, Michael Perry

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