The Arcopal brand was introduced in  France in 1958, by the company Arc International which began back in 1825 in the village of Arques. The company also made items under the brand names Luminarc and Arcoroc both labels which vintage collectors will recognise and I shall mention in this article. In 1897 Arc International was run by the Durand family, who bought the firm entirely in 1926. The family continues to be it's owners. 

Arcopal is a durable, strong glassware. It is break and chip resistant and five times stronger than china! Arcopal tableware was famous for its translucent opal glass as seen in these pastel coloured coffee and tea cups from the 1950/60s - these are highly collected by people today.

Other variations are also found like these delicate white glass cups and saucers which are decorated with a pastel coloured rose, a design classic from the 50s. 

Many collectors look out for the more robust white 'milk' glass tableware which includes patterns such as 'Scania' below. This features lots of ditsy pink and orange daisies and flowers...

The Scania design can be found on dishes, plates, mugs, cups, saucers and jugs...and is totally 60s in style.

This pattern will be remembered by those from that era right up to the 80s, as it was so robust families up and down the country regularly used this tableware in their homes for decades.

Here is a wonderful ad from a magazine in the early 70s, advertising Arcopal and concentrating on Scania.

We have also seen the Scania pattern on spice jars which were produced by the Italian company Cerve Parma Italia, perhaps under license?

Luminarc is another brand name made by Arc International, this came into being in the late 40s, early 50s.  Glasses, cups, bowls, salad bowls, plates etc are all to be found with this mark. A typical example of Luminarc glassware would be this decanter set from the 50/60s. At the time people were keen to have a drinks bar, sideboard or cabinet in their home, and these glasses would have been ideal for sherry or port which was a staple drink for the ladies back then!

Another typical Luminarc tableware design were sundae dishes like those below. Made in red, green, turquoise and amber this shape is another design classic from the 60s which retains it's appeal for collectors today.

One of the most popular Luminarc designs with vintage devotees is the birds collection, which appears on jugs, tumblers and long line glasses....

Other jugs and glasses were created along the lines of this spotty lemon jug which we are attributing to them..

Arcoroc was launched in 1963 first as a brand for glassware, it evolved to feature cutlery and dinnerware too. These pretty glasses decorated with forget-me-nots are a typical example.

Other exceedingly useful classic pieces from Arcoroc include glass cheese domes, which people love to use for cakes too. nowadays. These were a popular wedding present idea in the 1970/80s.

Here is an ad celebrating Arcoroc's durability, this is from a magazine from the early 70s...

Information on this page will be updated as and when we learn more, and is based upon our current knowledge.

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