Toni Raymond vintage pottery is collected by many vintage devotees for it's handmade qualities, affordability and pretty handpainted designs. The pottery based in Babbacombe was run by Toni and Raymond Smith between 1967 and 1986 (prior to this the pair had a pottery in the area since the early 50s).  

It was one of a number of potteries located in Torbay an area of South Devon, where souvenir items became a mainstay of each pottery's output.  Collectively pottery from the area is known as ‘Torquay Pottery’.

Toni Raymond made storage jars, butter dishes, and many more kitchen and tableware products which would have been the ideal souvenir to bring home from a holiday. Below a rare wall hanging Salt Pot... 

In 1967 the Babbacombe Pottery became part of the Toni Raymond Pottery Group.  We love the way typical 1970s materials were incorporated with the pottery such as the wooden handle on the butter dishes below...

The addition of these knobs makes them funkier in design than if they had a traditional pottery handle.

Deirdre Wood was one of the the long serving chief designer retired about 1971, whilst 
Philip Laureston Smith and artist Christine Anna Cruse were involved in much of the hand painted work. You will often come across celery and spring onion vases, an indicator that these were very popular products! They were used to store the vegetables in a little water to keep them fresh, and also to help serve them at the table.

Designs often featured flora and fauna and one of the key items produced was a pottery owl which could be hung on the wall to store scissor and string inside...

In 1985 the Toni Raymond Pottery business became managed or owned by Philip Laureston Smith who then ran it under the name of Babbacombe Pottery.

Above is a quirky vinegar pot which is styled like a bottle of Chianti - a popular wine in Tuscany and such as dream holiday destination in the 1960 & 70s.

One of our favourite designs is the Mexican hat men which are actually salt and pepper pots or sugar shakers like the guy above. These fun items make you think of hot summer days and would have been produced when it was exciting, daring and a real novelty to have hot spicy food! These would have lent themselves perfectly to the holiday gift market.

One of the nicest things we have had in the yay retro! shop recently is this super cute Toni Raymond sausage dog. Designed as an ashtray this pretty elongated dish has a quirky 'dog ends' written on it near the tail! Back in the practically everyone had an ashtray in their lounge, so this would have been a fun item to being back from a summer holiday in Devon!

The pottery changed hands again in 1996 and finally closed down in 2000. Below a delicate cucumber dish which is a lovely way to serve cucumber in basalmic or red wine vinegar. 

Information on this page will be updated as and when we learn more, and is based upon our current knowledge.

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