Wyncraft is a vintage maker  whose products centred around the use of teak as a base for a whole range of homeware items. From glasses trays to butter and cheese dishes and many other things in between.

In the 50s, their designs featured black and white ceramic pieces, inserted into a gold wire framework on a teak board. The pottery was designed with Atomic style patterns, which had stripes with tiny red dots.

Above is a perfect example of an unused Wyncraft butter dish, complete with it's original swing tag.

The range included egg cups, and it is fabulous to imagine a 1590s breakfast table with all of these pieces being used.

There were also matching jam or preserve pots, which are tall with a black lid.

and the shorter sugar bowls...

The ceramic ware was made for Wyncraft by the Fieldings Crown Devon company, and many of them are marked with the company name:

Many people collect these wares today, with the cheese dishes  and cheese domes being highly sought after.

Above.... cheese dish, complete with knife. The lid sits on a glass plate which protects the teak board from scratches.

Above an amazing cruet set in zebra stripes and below a matching B&W stripe round cheese dome, now highly sought after. This would have kept cheese cool in the larder as well as being wonderful on display on the dining table.

Continuing with the Black and White theme, a flour sifter which co-ordinates in the range...

We love this B&W stripe cruet set on it's triangular teak stand, don't you?

Wyncraft also produced drinks trays and barware, below we have a great example, this unusual design carries six 50s gold rimmed tumblers, and doubles up as a display piece for the bar which many people would have had in the corner of their lounge.

Below...a simple straight drinks tray to carry shot glasses...

Below...a round carousel type shot glass stand, a great way to display the multicoloured glasses popular at the time.

No home bar would be complete without a nibbles tray for peanuts or olives, and so Wyncraft came up with a design for this purpose too!

You can also find simpler Wyncraft pieces, such as this 50s toast rack with red plastic ball feet....

Later designs in the 60s/70s featured smoked glass, such as this breakfast set. The preserve jar has a teak lid and plastic white knob.

 In the 60s, the ceramic pieces changed from being B&W to being one colour, such as this blue pottery sugar bowl which has a silver wire frame. 

below is a delightful Wyncraft Cruet set in sky blue which would look fabulous in today's modern vintage styled kitchens...

In the 70s Wyncraft went on to produce a range of designs which featured Lord Nelson pottery, such as this cheese board with inbuilt preserve pot. We love the addition of a ceramic tile with abstract sunflower design. These tiles are 6" square, the same size as the tiles used on the walls of peoples bathrooms and kitchens at the time!

A key designer of these tiles was Alan Wallwork, and his versions are highly sought after today, just take a look at the fabulous sunflower designed tile below, this set even has the original Wyncraft knife with it! 

Alan Wall Work Tiles are very sought after by collectors, they can be round or square. This set comes with a smoked glass dish.

Some tile boards have tiles with sparkly glazes such as the set below.

Another Alan Wallwork tile board with a brown coloured Crown Devon teak lidded pot.

Wallwork tiles can appear in the large or small sized Wyncraft boards.

Below is a fantastic board with a daisy design tile. Very unusual and incredibly decorative.

Another brand name associated with Wyncraft is Kirkham, though we can't find the reason for this. If you know perhaps you could enlighten by emailing hello@yayretro.co.uk?

Information on this page will be updated as and when we learn more, and is based upon our current knowledge.

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