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Vintage Style Card Range to fall in love with!

One of my favourite places to buy cards is Rocket 68, a design company run by designer and illustrator Jill White. Jill has been designing and illustrating for over 22 years, working for national magazines and publishing houses as well as for big name brands such as McVities, Sainsburys, Cadbury's, Boots and even Harrods. What I love about Jill's work is that it most often references a vintage age, whether it be vintage imagery or a vintage art style.

Rocket 68 have just launched an exciting new card range entitled 'Windowbox' which I have to say I have fallen in love with! Happily Jill kindly let me have some of the cards to photograph at yay retro! headquarters, and here is the result.


This year it seems cacti and succulents are a must-have item to have in your modern vintage home, and these cards tie in with the idea fabulously. Jill told me that: 'As a child my mum had an array of them adorning her windowsills, all in mismatched 1960's patterned planters. I can remember sketching these and spending hours colouring in the patterns on the pots!' I love the joyous colour ways on these cards, which also come with brightly coloured envelopes. 

The cards have a very printerly quality, having the 'just-pulled' feel of a freshly made artist handmade print (such as a lino cut or mono print). Jill hand draws the designs initially, and in this series of cards then scanned and enhanced the illustrations with the aid of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. She told me: "I work with lots of 'layers' so I can experiment as the design unfolds. The 'pulled' distressed print effect is actually done digitally".

Jill says that after a visit to Amsterdam in the summer of 2014 the window boxes were so amazing and vibrant, she immediately had a spark of inspiration for a new Spring/Summer range. The illustrations themselves were inspired by the 1960's illustrations in books she would read as a child. She says: "These vivid simple shapes which have been etched in my mind. Fabrics and tea towels from that era, feed into my designs, and I recall a pair of trousers my eldest sister had with the same colour ways as my red and yellow Dahlia design! Dahlia's are my favourite flowers hence they commonly feature also in this range."

Rocket68 is expanding it's range of cards, prints and notebooks rapidly. In 2015 Rocket68 appeared at two trade fairs and had a great reception, meeting many new contacts which have lead to exciting new design projects. You can source Rocket68s wares in notable outlets such as Habitat and the Tate Britain shop and also via her website herePreviously I have written articles about Jill's Modernist card range as well as her Kaleidoscope cards which include vintage caravans and tents, which you can read here

If you love vintage as we do, you might wish to browse the yay retro! vintage shop by clicking here.

Rocket 68 retro inspired greetings cards

Recently during an online wander we came across a set of superbly illustrated 'camping' themed cards, which we thought were just perfect to feature on the camper classics section of the yay retro! blog:

These totally fab tent and caravan cards are available from Rocket68,  a new greetings card company run by illustrator and graphics lecturer Jill White. We just adore the way the designs are overlaid onto vintage 'fabric-like' patterns, and the printmaking quality of the work - they'd be amazing framed!

Jill (originally from Trinidad in the West Indies), now based in Somerset,
 trained at The Bournemouth College of Art and Southampton Institute of Art. She tells us that Rocket68 has a definite nostalgic, vintage lilt, with card ranges including retro inspired animals - 'Wilderness Prints', to the ever changing patterns of the 'Kaleidoscope range' which includes the camping cards.  

Jill loves vintage china pieces, particularly Poole Pottery, her current favourite item in the yay retro! shop, is the Le Parfait,  Milk Bottle decorated in oranges :O)

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