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Lots of Vintage Preserve Pots for sale at yay rertro!

If you are looking for a pot for your jam, a jar for your marmalade or a lidded bowl for your sugar yay retro! have a whole heap of lovey vintage ones from the 1960s and 70s in our online vintage shop for sale now. These include makers such as Taunton Vale, Poole Pottery, potters such as Geoffrey Maund and Toni Raymond, black and white striped jars from Wyncraft, Pineapple pots from Villeroy & Bosch, Sylvac and Myott, Arthur Wood lidded pots, pots with funny faces, Secla honey bee pots and even a lidded pot that looks like a pear! All at reduced prices, these are worth checking out in the shop now.

Search Preserve Jar at yay retro!

5 Ideas with Vintage Lidded Preserve Pots!

yay retro! have a fantastic range of vintage lidded preserve pots for sale in our online vintage shop right now! I have pots for your Poole Pottery, Taunton Vale or Toni Raymond collections, vintage Sylvac & Villeroy & Bosch pineapple pots and even a pot shaped like a pear!  

With it being jam making season you are bound to be looking for a vintage jam or marmalade pot to serve at tea or breakfast times. Or perhaps you are more of a honey fiend, in which case our delightful Secla pots with a bee on the top will be right up your street.

5 ideas on how to use Lidded Preserve Jars

1. Store sugar in a lidded preserve jar; hand as you can leave the spoon in the jar too
2. Use as an ornament, many preserve jars are so pretty they look perfect on the mantelpiece
3. Use to store cotton buds in your bedroom or bathroom.
4. Give as a gift with homemade jam, birthdays or Christmas are always nicer with homemade gifts
5. Ring the changes and serve chutneys in a stylish vintage lidded pot

As you can see lidded pots are really handy things to have in your modern vintage home. They are a very affordable way to collect vintage wares and you can house lots of them in a display due to their compact size. Why not take a look at the preserve jars I have for sale at the moment? I can combine postage for you.

2016 the year of the vintage Sausage Dog?

2016 seems to have been the year of the Sausage Dog with these cute little pooches appearing on everything in the shops and even starring in videos such as TIEKS - Sunshine (pictured above).  yay retro! have been kept busy tracking down lots of vintage sausage dogs for you to buy in our online vintage shop. Mostly these were made in the 1950 & 60s when it seems everyone was loving them too!

Right now we have a lovely selection of ornamental vintage Dachshund for you, including an extra long 38cm 1950s number, a dinky large eyed doggie and a quirky salt and pepper set.

Here are some of the others we have had in the shop in the past 18 months which have all sold rapidly...they include wooden cocktail stick holders, a sausage dog ashtray from Toni Raymond, a bright orange one from Trentham Pottery, a matte black chalkware dog and an unusual brown version of 1950s dogs.  This week we have some miniature silver ones coming in to stock so keep an eye!

Top 5 Vintage wares being viewed ahead of purchase at yay retro!

People often repeatedly view an item in our online vintage shop before buying, in the number one spot for pre-purchase views is this gorgeous Toni Raymond sausage dog from the 1960/70s this week. Who can blame you all for taking a closer look at this piece of marvellous vintage kitsch? She is the perfect Christmas gift or treat for anyone into the sausage dogs, which are so in vogue at the moment!  

In second place are the packs of vintage Christmas gift wrap we have for sale. Genuine unused papers from the 1960s and decorated with Father Christmas, Cats and more. We even have vintage gift tags! Search 'Christmas' to find them all.

The third most viewed item is the stunning vintage 60/70s bedspread or throw covered in Flower Power daisies. Someone will be receiving this as an amazing gift this year we are sure! With it's hot pinks and blue this has a tassled edge and is simply divine!

Next up is our vintage baubles. When putting up your Christmas tree there is no better addition than original baubles which have some history to them is there? I can't believe these haven't already been snapped up!

In at the the number 5 spot is one of our Swedish Christmas table runners. This beautiful worked runner is the height of Scandi chic and would make a fantastic centrepiece to any discerning persons festivities!

Remember, we offer combined postage on most items (via a manual refund after purchase or a special order if you email Pop in to yay retro! today! 

Top items at yay retro! this week

Here are the top items being viewed on the online yay retro! vintage shop this week. These include vintage Christmas baubles, a fantastic Toni Raymond sausage dog, a Swedish Christmas table runner, a stunning Flower power 1960s bed cover or throw, a Lotus Pottery Skipworth bull and a set of snowy polka dot glasses with decanter.

All perfect wares for Christmas time! Pop in and go shopping now, all of these items are one-offs and are unlikely to be repeated at yay retro!

Kitsch Vintage Ornaments for sale at yay retro!

Like many of our customers, yay retro! have a penchant for vintage kitsch ornaments..we always try to keep a great range in stock for you to choose from in our online vintage shop.  Whether you are looking for vintage Bambi deers and fawns from the 1950s and 60s or a pair of bookends, we will probably have some. 

We also have tall vintage cats, cute poodle dogs and even the odd squirrel! Find our Kenneth Townsend piggy tile. or our Toni Raymond Mexican man shaker...much vintage cuteness for your home or as a gift for a loved one!

Pop in to yay retro! now.

Read about The Toni Raymond Pottery in our Retropedia

yay retro! have just added a new page to our Retropedia which features the history of key vintage brands. Toni Raymond is a highly collected form of studio pottery from the 1960s and 70s and now has a page of it's own on the yay retro! site here.

From sensible storage jars to Mexican men salt and pepper pots, Toni Raymond had something for everyone to bring back from their holidays in torbay where the pottery was based.

You can find all of our Retropeida pages in the footer of our website, and you can find out which Toni Raymond items we have for sale by clicking here.

Dartmouth & Toni Raymond Pottery in Devon

Having recently relocated to Devon, I am getting quite into the local pottery which includes Torquay's Toni Raymond wares such as the Mexican salt & pepper pots below and also the more classic looking Dartmouth Pottery such as the urns show above.  Both potteries were producing wares during the 1960s and 70s and offer very distinct styles.

Dartmouth Pottery created classically designed wares. Sleek lines and a large nod towards ancient times were their thing. We love the swags on this Grecian styled window vase which we recently sold. 

By contrast the Toni Raymond Pottery were making items with hand painted decorations, these includes celery vases, cucumber pots and butter dishes. Do look out for more Dartmouth and Toni Raymond Pottery items in the yay retro! vintage shop as and when we find them.

Fresh Vintage into yay retro!'s online shop Twice a week!

Did you know that yay retro! add fresh vintage stock at least twice every week? Lots of our regular customers know this little secret, and regularly pop in to our online vintage shop to snap up that must-have piece of vintage table or home ware. 

This weeks additions include Worcesterware coasters, a vintage spice rack, Toni Raymond Mexican salt and pepper pots and flower power tins and storage containers, there's even a bright orange Addis watering can from the 70s. 

What were Celery Vases designed for + 5 uses for a Celery Vase

From time to time you find vintage celery vases, pots or jars, and these pretty little things can seem a bit of a mystery in today's refrigerated world...Why were they designed and how can they be useful today?  

Back in the day when people had no fridge in their kitchen, their only option was to store everything in a larder. This would have been a cool cupboard or room just off of the kitchen. Being a stem vegetable, celery can quickly wilt like any picked garden flower. However, by popping it in water in a celery pot or vase the plant can stay crisp and fresh for much longer (just make sure to change the water regularly).

above... a 'spider web' celery vase from Chance Glass and a 70s Celery Pot from Toni Raymond Pottery

The celery vase is also a great way to serve celery, showing this tasty vegetable off to it's best advantage, and making it easy to pass around the table. Using a celery vase at a buffet means it will stay crisp all evening and adds height and interest to what otherwise could be a flat an uninteresting table. Right back to Victorian times when people believed celery helped to cure arthritis, celery vases were a feature of the dinner table. 

Did you know that you can also grow celery in a vase?  When you have finished a celery be sure to leave the round stalked base, get yourself a celery vase - a clear one would be best for this. Pop the celery into the jar and add about an inch of water. Pop this on a window sill and watch the celery sprout from the centre over the course of a week or so. Once you have a good head of leaves, transplant into soil and away you go with your next celery plant - never buy celery again!

Other uses for celery vases include their being used as a flower vase or a way of storing cutlery and utensils in your kitchen! So here are our 5 uses for a celery vase:
  1. To keep celery fresh when you don't have a fridge
  2. To serve celery 
  3. To grow celery from it's base stalk
  4. Use as a vase for flowers
  5. Use to store cutlery and kitchen utensils
Why not take a look at the celery vases yay retro! have for sale at the moment? These include a collectable Robert Godden Chance Glass Celery Vase, as well as  Toni Raymond Studio Pottery version.

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