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Buy Mid Century Pottery Birds from yay retro today!

Many vintage collectors love pottery birds. These can be made in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, however it's worth noting that many designers were making birds in the Scandi style in England in the 1960s and 70s. A question I am often asked is where can you buy mid century pottery birds? They are so very hard to track down, and often sell very quickly indeed. Happily yay retro! have several Scandi styled English pottery birds for sale right now in our online vintage shop!

In this blog post I will show you some of the vintage birds to look out for and also highlight the ones that I have for sale at the moment.  Do come back and re-check the yay retro! shop by searching 'bird' from time to time as my stock will vary from week to week.

Robert Jefferson Mid Century Birds for Poole Pottery

In the 60/70s Robert Jefferson was busy designing tableware for Poole Pottery. He also designed a range of peacock and bird wall plaques and dishes which were created in small numbers. These are Scandinavian in style and as such as highly desirable. They can be cream, turquoise, green or blue and green and it would be lovely to collect all the variations!  I have a two headed bird or peacock for sale (above) in my online vintage shop right at this moment (5.4.18 - sold just after writing). The larger bird below is a keeper for now and I have applied a plate hanger to the reverse and hung it on the wall as an artwork.

Carltonware 1960/70s Birds to Buy & Collect

Another sought after pottery brand which created a range of birds is Carltonware. The company made money boxes, ash trays, egg cups and salt & pepper sets all in the shape of birds with psychedelic flower patterns which are very influential on contemporary designers.  I have never been able to find an ashtray as these are so rare and sought after!  Obviously people use them as display pieces now....However I have been fortunate to source two of the peacock money boxes for the yay retro! shop. One is available as of this moment (5.4.18) and the other has sold.

Most vintage collectors use these as ornaments and it is hard to imagine now our giving them to a child for fear of a breakage!! 

Another rarity I have managed to source is a Calrtonware egg cup cruet set!  This features 4 little birds on a flower power tray and is extra, extra special! I've never seen one before. Again this is available to buy now.

Jersey Pottery Birds

Jersey pottery created a vast array of designs in the 60s and 70s and one of the loveliest and again rarest was their version of a bird ashtray. I hardly ever manage to find these. As you can see they are hand painted and made in a variety of colours and patterns. This adds to their charm and makes them even more collectable.

Arthur Wood Pottery Birds

Arthur Wood made a lovely selection of pottery wares again in the 60s and 70s. Included in the range were some stunning pottery bird dishes and also wall hangings which were created to dispense string (of all things!) Again each is hand painted and so is individual. The bird dishes can be used as ornaments, for serving nibbles, storing eggs or for plants.  

The string holders are now mostly used as wall display pieces and are all different, a flock of these would look amazing!

Hornsea Pottery Birds by John Clappison

As well as mugs and preserve pots with bird patterns, John Clappison produced various bird shaped potteries for Hornsea. These included salt and pepper pots and ash trays - it hardly seems credible now that you would want to use these adorable creatures for ash! They are so very Scandinavian in shape and design that many people hang them on the wall. These are snapped up as soon as they go on sale for obvious reasons adn appear in blue, borwn and green glazes to match the Hornsea tablewares.

Hornsea animal shaped salt and pepper pots include owls, birds, fish and cats, and are never for sale for long as they are super sought after. As you'll appreciate these are mostly used as ornaments now and they can sometimes be found singly or in pairs.


Lotus Pottery Birds by Elizabeth Skipworth

These are an even rarer find as most often you'll spot the bulls created by the Skipworth's in their pottery in Stoke Gabriel in Devon. Happily as of today (5.4.18) I have a real beauty in the shop for sale. Curvaceous and minimal in design this is a wondrous object to have and to hold.

Why not go shopping for mid century birds at yay retro! now? Search 'bird' using this link.

Vintage Hornsea Springtime Butter Dish For Sale

yay retro! is the place to shop for this amazing and rare find - a Hornsea Springtime butter dish in unused condition. It has no staining, chips, cracks or crazing and appears as wonderful as the day it was made! Designed by John Clappison in the 1960/70s this has a bright yellow and blue and turquoise flowers all around the edges -superb as a gift idea for any vintage collector. You could even use this as an ornament or jewellery box - Buy this now

Let's look at Scandi Styled Mid Century Pottery Birds

This is my most recent acquisition, a Robert Jefferson platter or dish made for Poole Pottery in the 1960/70s.  Scandi in style, it seems that many UK potteries were influenced by Scandinavian design back then and of course we are seeing a resurgence of interest in designs like this now in the vintage world and also on the high street with contemporary designers taking their inspiration from the 1970s.

Jefferson's bird dish was probably made for trinkets and has a detailed embossed pattern. I've hung mine on the wall using an adhesive plate hanger. These birds were made in a variety of colours and designs and are certainly something wonderful to collect. Vintage devotees are always keen to have a mid century original rather than a modern 'copy' and I get real pleasure from my collection of vintage pottery birds.

Here's a John Clappison designed bird ashtray made for Hornsea, I've hung this one on the wall with a brass hook, there's a deep indentation in the back making this possible. These ashtrays were made in brown and green and you'll notice the glazes are the same as the Hornsea storage jars such as Heirloom made at the same time.

This is a Carltonware money box in the shape of a bird or peacock. I have yet to find out the designer of this which is from a range of money boxes made for the company in the 1960/70s. These are highly sought after now and as you'll see by the picture below came in different designs. I have one of these money boxes for sale in my online vintage shop now. Take a look here.

Another superb Carltonware bird set available to buy now is this amazing eggcup, salt and pepper set on a flowery tray. Ultra rare, this would be ideal to use as an ornamental piece anywhere in your home to be honest! You can see where contemporary designers are getting their ideas when you look at the flower patterns on this can't you?

Search 'bird' in the yay retro! shop to see what vintage items I have for sale with this theme.

Buy Genuine Vintage Christmas Presents from the 1960s & 70s at yay retro!

When you look at the above gorgeous genuine vintage kitchenwares from the 1960s and 70s it's no wonder that so many of you are buying these for your friends and family this Christmas. Indeed I know many of you have added them to your Christmas lists as there are a lot more men buying from me at present!  These top notch items are available in the yay retro! online vintage shop here and include vintage Pyrex, Taunton Vale melamine trays, vintage Enamel cookware, British, Scandinavian & French tablewares from makers such as Figgjo Flint, Laurids Lonborg, Woodsware and Staffordshire Potteries.

Take a look at the gorgeous vintage coasters below decorated with fish from the Worcesterware Sea Dreams range. These are so highly sought after we just know that they will make someone ecstatically happy this Christmas time! Then there's the superb Italian pottery fish dish which is a large sized ornamental piece which can be a centrepiece to any buffet to tea party as well as being on display all year round. Hornsea pottery designed by John Clappison is always a gift worth giving, especially the Saffron pattern with it's daisy motif and I have a fabulous spice rack in stock at the moment - a lovely version which has tall jars.

Many people search for kettles that go on the hob at this time of year and yay retro! have several to choose from in our online shop here. Choose from red, blue, flowery or orange kettles - ideal for home, campervan or caravan!

How about A Taunton Vale Spice Rack? This is sure to go down well as will our vintage metal trays and tins which so many of you collect. I guess the most sought after tin would be an orange flower power Baretware biscuit tin, and....yep I've even got one of those for you! So yay retro! is the very best place to shop online this Christmas time, but get in quick as many of you have already started Christmas shopping and in most cases, there's just one of everything!!!

Search 'Clearance' at yay retro! today! Vintage Bargains!

Search the word 'clearance' at today for loads of vintage treats and bargains. I'm clearing through for Autumn stock - Combined postage as usual xx  xx Here are a few tasters...loads more on website here!

This Scandi 1960/70 Arabia Finland yellow enamel coffee pot is now just £50, which is a mad low price!

These salt & pepper pots in John Clappison's Rainbow design for Hornsea are just £10.

I also have Figgjo Flint Norway china at fantastic low prices. Pop in for these and much more!

Buy Collectable Vintage Salt & Pepper Pots at yay retro!

Many people collect vintage salt & pepper pots along with novelty cruet sets. The yay retro! online vintage shop have many different collectable table ware that is sure to excite even the most discerning collector! From key brands and designers to quirky pots made to look like everyday objects, salt and pepper pot collecting is a popular hobby.

Why Collect Vintage Salt & Pepper Pots?

With many pots made to look like everyday objects and animals, S&P pots are the perfect way to collect kitsch ornaments to display on a shelf or in a printers tray styled arrangement. You can accommodate lots of salt & pepper pots in a small space! Don't worry, if you only find one of the pots and it works as an ornament, it's not a problem!

When you are keen on a particular mid century or 60/70s designer, salt and pepper pots can be an affordable way to add their work to your collection. Being small they can often be at an entry level price bracket.

If you do manage to find a pair of pots they look great at each end of a shelf or interacting with one another, like the Hornsea birds previously sold at yay retro! below. Plus of course you have the added advantage that can also use them every day at meal times if you wish!

Pineapple Salt & Pepper Pots 

Pineapples are currently all the rage and yay retro! are delighted to have several vintage pineapple shaped cruet sets in stock. We have several Villeroy & Bosch pots as well as a 1940s cruet set which includes a pineapple mustard pot and orange and lemon salt & pepper pots.

Carrying on the fruity theme, the wonderful 1940/50s set above has been made to look like oranges and comes with a little vintage mustard spoon. We think the set may have been made by Goebel.

Hornsea & Carltonware Salt & Pepper Pots

One of the most sought after vintage brands is Hornsea.  Their key designer in the 1970s was John Clappison who created a huge array of different patterns to collect. We adore the apple motif on the teak lidded pots below, as well as the quirky yellow striped pots in Clappison's Rainbow design on the right. Both of these would be a tremendous addition to your vintage dinner table!

Carltonware also created interesting salt and pepper pots which are now avidly collected. The lion pots below can be placed together when not in use to create a sphere shape. Alternatively pop them at each end of a shelf as ornaments. There are many different designs available in this range and yay retro! get them in as often as we can find them!

Salt & Pepper Birds

People adore anything with bird motifs and these bird salt and pepper pots are ideal for those vintage ornithologists amongst you!  These would make perfect gifts.  Choose from bird shaped salt and pepper pots or lovely vintage Avon milk glass pots with brightly coloured abstract birds on each side.

Beetleware from the 1950s

Beetleware is an early form of plastic which has it's own band of devotees. Vintage collectors who love a dash of minimalism mixed with top quality seek out this kind of tableware. It's really unusual to find a complete set, so we are delighted to have this superb red Beetleware cruet set available in the yay retro! shop to buy now!

Plastic & Melamine Salt & Pepper Pots from the 60s & 70s

With scientific improvements in production and stability, the 1960s brought along a wider range of plastics which quickly began finding their way into our homes. German companies such as Emsa brought out a huge range of bright colourful tableware in the 60s & 70s decorated with flowers which are still very much loved by vintage collectors today. They specialised in making pots which often came in baskets made to look like the real thing such as the boxed set below.

Gaydon Melmex a British company created superb minimal designs in a range of pastel and bright colours from blues to oranges. These are now very popular with vintage camper van and caravan owners who look for genuine vintage wares for their vans.

Quirky Vintage Salt Shakers made to look like other things!

Salt shakers were made in all sorts of shapes, this large sailors head is pretty amazing!  It was made by the Barn Pottery in Devon and looks to be 1940s in shape, however it could have been made as late as the 1970s. One thing is for sure he is a cheeky thing and would be really handy to have as a kitchen helper! The great thing is we have lots of matching items from this marvellous range and can combine postage.

1940s & 50s Salt & Pepper Pots

In amongst some of the older styles of salt and pepper pots yay retro! currently have for sale are this wooden set which comes on it's own little display shelf. Decorated with cockerels, this is a lovely piece of the 50s for you at a clearance price!! The black Art Deco set is made from glass and is really unique and a fab addition to a 40s styled home.  Why not pop in to yay retro! now and take a look at all of our salt and pepper pots?

Top 6 items being viewed at yay retro! this week

Here are the top 6 items being viewed on the yay retro! website ahead of purchase this week....

1. Woods Beryl Utility Cups and Saucers, as seen in all the recent British movies set in the 1940/50s and on 'Further Back in Time for Dinner' on BBC2.  We have six on offer at just £12 at the moment, which is half our normal price!

2. Arabia Finel Red Enamel Teapot Kettle from Finland in the 1960/70s designed by Kaj Franck, this is one of the most sought after vintage designers and makers.

3. Spears Flower Play Box so many of you, like me can recall having this in the late 60s and early 70s and it strikes a real chord of happiness in us all!

4. Hornsea Saffron Butter Dish, people adore vintage butter dishes and love John Clappison's designs for Hornsea, so this is the perfect combo!

5. Scandi Apple Dish with the current trend on the High Street being vintage inspired goods, the real deal is preferable to any discerning buyer. Making this 1960/70s apple dish very interesting to loads of you.

6. 'Lloyd Loom' Cabinet on Dansette legs, this lovely shabby chic woven cabinet is ideal for any room in your home. Pop a vintage display on the top and fill it with goodies such as books and magazines - you'll be delighted with it's versatility!

Click here to visit the yay retro! online shop now.

Top 3 Vintage wares at yay retro! this week

The top three items being viewed on the yay retro! website ahead of being purchased this week are:

1. Vintage 1960s Fluffy Stool with gold Dansette Legs. This is in fabulous condition and can be used as a kitsch side table too!

2. Very rare Figgjo Flint lidded dish in their Annemarie design which features bright yellow and orange daisies from the 1960/70s

3. Hornsea Owl salt and pepper pots designed by John Clappison in the 1970s

Why not pop in to yay retro! today to choose your own vintage favourites? Remember, yay retro! sell genuine vintagewares, many of which are one-offs and are rarely (if ever) repeated in our shop.

Hornsea Owls for sale by John Clappison

Readers of the yay retro! Retropedia which can be found in the footer of our website may have noticed that we love the designs from 1960/70s Hornsea, which were created by John Clappison.

Now collected by vintage lovers far and wide, the salt and pepper pots made in the shapes of birds and fish are highly prized.  We've recently sold two pairs of cats, and now we have a pair of owls for sale in a Royal Blue glaze. 

It's worth noting that the prices on these appear to be escalating quickly across the internet - week by week in fact, so grab them while you can! These are at a fantastic price right now. Check them out in the yay retro! online shop now.

Top Vintage to Buy Online Now

yay retro! is an online vintage shop specialising in items for sale from the 1940s to the 1970s. From ornaments, kitchenware, cups saucers, cookware and homewares we have a whole host of fab items for you to buy for yourself or to give as gifts.

Right now the most popular items being viewed ahead of purchase on the website are a pair of John Clappison Hornsea cat salt and pepper pots in their original box, a fab vintage orange wire vegetable rack and a Pyrex snowflake pattern large ovenproof dish.


Other items which are currently the top picks for those looking to buy vintage online are our funky German coffee pot from the 1960/70s, a set of vintage baubles and a superb Flower Power throw or bed spread from the 1960s.

Why not have a browse at yay retro! now? Last post before Christmas is Monday 12th December at 2pm!

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