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Crochet Picnic Blankets now at yay retro!

With this sunshine-y weather now is the time to invest in a little picnic blanket from yay retro! I have several one off designs available all at very affordable prices right now.

I beach tested my own yay retro crochet blanket yesterday and it was fab. Very comfy to sunbathe on and also light to roll up and carry.  

It also came in handy as an impromptu shawl on the breezy clifftop!

In the yay retro shop at the moment you can choose from a regular finely crocheted granny blanket with a special love heart centre...

or a detailed granny square blanket done in seaside colours.

I also have the most beautiful and complex pastel orange crochet blanket for sale....This has a circular centre with every row being a different stitch, this is then squared off to create a stunning throw/blanket.  Ideal for home, camper van or picnic!!

Shop for yay retro crochet throws and blankets now

Posted in Crochet by yayretro on 04/07/2019

A Quicker Way of Making a Granny Square Crochet Blanket

At the moment I'm occasionally making some little Granny Square crochet blankets in between making crochet shawls.  Making a blanket out of squares takes time and patience, and I used to make these one square at a time, tying off and weaving in the ends as I went and then slowly sewing them together.

This was a very laborious way of doing things, and I quickly realised from other crocheters I saw online that there was a much more productive way of making a crochet blanket. Obviously, a detailed squared blanket is never going to be a fast paced affair, and nor should it be as care needs to be taken to make sure it is securely made and that the colour placement works well. Also,  it's a joy to take the time to notice how the colours work together and to see it take shape. However there are ways to make your work flow more quickly. 

How can I make a Crochet Granny Square Blanket More Quickly?

A good place to start is to plan ahead - work out how large you want to make your blanket and determine how many squares you will need overall.  Simply make up a square, measure it and work out how many you will need for your blanket size.

You may wish to draw out a simple plan on graph paper to decide on your colour placement and how many of each square you'll need.

Now begin by making all the centres at once. Your fingers will quickly work the pattern from muscle memory, repeating the simple pattern with ease and in no time you'll have all the centres done, inspiring you to get on to the next stage.

At the end of this stage, tie off and weave in the ends neatly ready for all the second rows. If you don't those long ends can slow you down as you work on the small centres.

Now make all the second rows. You can see mine in the bottom of this photo.

Sort your circles into piles, so you know which ones need which colours for your third rows. This makes things much faster as you don't have to think as you make them. At this stage don't tie off or weave in any ends, this keeps the pattern in your mind and keeps things flowing.  Now lay the Granny Squares out to make sure you have the correct amount.

The next job is to tie off and weave in the ends all at once. This makes the process much faster and less fiddly. Pop your squares on a blocking board as the ends are sewn in to neaten them before joining. I use a Millward blocking board for this purpose. A neat square is much easier to join than a wobbly one!

Now you are ready for joining...I now mainly use the join-as-you-go method where you crochet your final round on each square, joining them to previous squares as you work. (There are a lot of crocheters who can show you how on YouTube, Bella Coco and the Patchwork Heart are just two.) Here is my current work in progress. This will be washed and blocked when complete to make sure it lies flat. Keep an eye out for the final blanket photo on this post when it's done! Check out my crochet blankets for sale here.

Posted in Crochet by yayretro on 17/05/2019

V for Vintage Crochet Shawls for sale at yay retro

Right now I have some gorgeous crocheted shawls to buy in my yay retro online shop. I always have  an array of crochet shawls available to buy, which are both ready made or available to pre-order.  The ones I want to talk about today are made from the V for Vintage pattern by Mijo Crochet. These include lots of detailed stitches and the yarn I use is ultra soft, light and airy. This means they are ideal for wear during any month of the year. They make a great little wrap in Spring and Summer and can be used as a cowl or scarf in Autumn or Winter. I found mine useful on the sun bed as a little cover up and also the perfect evening wear when out and about in The Canary Islands earlier in the year.

Choose from the red and yellow 'Sunset' shawl above or the ice cream tones of my 'Pistachio' shawl below. Or pre-order one and choose your own colours! Find out more here.  These are both £32.50 inc UK postage.

Posted in Crochet by yayretro on 13/05/2019

Spring & Summer Crochet Shawls at yay retro now!

Crochet shawls are so adaptable, and the ones I've made for the yay retro! shop are light, airy and the perfect thing to wear in Spring and Summer. These fabulous wraps can be popped around your shoulders to offer some sun protection and keep you looking stylish.

Super funky and pretty, these are the perfect way to finish off a summer outfit. Wear every day or to a special occasion such as a wedding or party. They can keep out chills in place of a cardi, or act as a light cover for your shoulders and arms.

They are ideal for festivals and outdoor events, and when not in use can be popped into your bag without getting crumpled oreven  tied around your waist for another 'look'.

Set off a sundress and grab attention with a gorgeous crochet shawl from yay retro 

I have several fabulous styles ready made in my shop, or you can pre-order a shawl and choose your colours.

Each shawl is handmade by me and completely unique. If you love arty clothes and want something made just for you, you are sure to love yay retro crochet shawls. Find out more here.

Posted in Crochet by yayretro on 23/04/2019

Stunning Flower Power Crochet Shawl for sale

Right now I have this gorgeous flower power crochet shawl for sale in the yay retro shop for you. Made with super soft, light yarn this has 42 crocheted blossoms all along the edge and is ideal for special occasions, festivals or for every day wear - all year round! Keep warm, pretty & protect yourself from the sun with this super must-have item.  

This would be perfect at a special day such as a wedding or party, or even getting down and dirty at a festival. Stand out with this unique handmade shawl!

Once winter comes around simply wind it around your neck as a super soft cosy cowl and pop inside your coat or wear over a jumper all day - I know lots of my customers never take theirs off! You can buy now or pre-order a shawl like this in the colour of your choice in the yay retro shop now.

Posted in Crochet by yayretro on 22/03/2019

Crochet Shawls the Perfect Festival Wear at yay retro!

If you are looking for the perfect Festival outfit then a crochet shawl from yay retro! is a fantastic starting place!  I currently have 5 different designs which can be made in colours of your choice. I make these using brightly coloured yarn cakes which subtly change colour throughout the design.  They are fabulous for Festivals as they can keep you warm, protect you from the sun, be worn in lots of different ways from a shawl to a wrap, a scarf to a cowl or even draped around your waist!!

Ideal for all year round wear, these are super stylish, soft and easy to wear. With the revival of crochet by all of the top Paris fashion designers, now is the time to invest in a handmade crochet shawl from yay retro! My prices start at just £22.50 and range up to £35 depending on the shawl design. Check my crochet shawls now.

Each crochet shawl is completely unique, so you'll know you will have something different to everyone else. Eye catching and flexible to wear these are a must have item at your next Festival and a fantastic gift idea for any Festival go-er!

From bright rainbows to more subtle colour ways, yay retro! has a huge yarn store of colours to choose from! You can pre-order a shawl from me here.

Check out my new Flower Power design crochet shawl!

Posted in Crochet by yayretro on 20/03/2019

Bodykind Festival Totnes, Devon 2019

Here in Totnes, Devon we have the fabulous Bodykind Festival on 3/4 May. The 2nd year this event has taken place, it's a fantastic celebration of body positivity and diversity.

Bodykind is about Body positivity and honouring our and other's bodies in all their various forms, rather than comparing them to an external concept of beauty. Empowering, liberating and brimful of the feel-good factor. There will be inspiring thought provoking speakers, workshops, art, film, dance, theatre, comedy, song, and more… I went last year and found it completely life changing!

Find out more and buy a ticket here: or Bodykind Festival on Facebook. There is also a Bodykind Supporters Facebook group here for people to chat about Body positivity and the Festival.

See people such as Bodyposipanda, Bo-Po Boy and Anti Diet Riot Club as well as many, many more.

Waves Shawl Design now available at yay retro!

I am so pleased to say that I now have a new crochet shawl design ready to buy at yay retro!  This one is very detailed and extremely soft and draping meaning that you can wear in all sorts of ways to create lots of lovely effects.  I crocheted this from a pattern from Desert Crafts in the USA and the shawl design is called Waves.  I've named the shawl Zing Zing due the fabulous colours which are sure to lift your spirits!  It features open V stitches which surround a triangle of soft shell stitches which appear in a triangle across the shoulders of the shawl - see below.

Wear as a wrap or shawl or a cowl or scarf. This means it works all year round on chilly days inside your coat, or draped around your neck over a jumper.  Then on warmer days use it as a shawl or to screen yourself from the sun on your sun bed.  To be honest the options are endless with these must have items!! Pop in to the yay retro shop to buy this one that I've just made now, or to pre-order a shawl design of your choice.

Posted in Crochet by yayretro on 06/03/2019

Rainbow Crochet Shawls Prove Popular!

I've just completed another rainbow coloured crochet shawl for a customer at yay retro!  These are proving very popular and happily I have several rainbow styled yarn cakes to to choose from as well as a range of crochet shawl designs. This means that every shawl I make will come out different to the others.

Here is a rainbow coloured shawl using the Droplets pattern by Mijo Crochet, as you can see this lacy effect shawl can be worn as a cowl or scarf, yet unwound it works as a shawl or wrap. Perfect for any weather or time of year.

Check out my new Waves crochet pattern shawl...this one is currently available to buy in the yay retro! shop. Look at the incredible pattern on this one which has an inset textural triangle surrounded by open stitches! I've called this one Zing Zing as the rainbow colours are really bright and zingy!!

Here is another rainbow effect yarn cake shawl this time in the Secret Paths Mijo Crochet pattern. Again this can be worn in any way. I've seen my customers wearing their shawls in both of these designs and they look simply fabulous!  Why not pre-order a shawl today? Simply opt for your design and choose a yarn cake from my huge range.

Posted in Crochet by yayretro on 28/02/2019

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