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Vintage Pineapples for sale at yay retro!

When you adore pineapples and vintage, then there's only one thing you're looking to buy and that's a vintage pineapple from the yay retro! online vintage shop. We've been busy sourcing vintage pineapples from the 1940s,50s, 60s & 70s for you and have some beauties on offer right now.  We have vintage pineapple preserve pots which can also be used for sugar, vintage pineapple salt and pepper pots and cruet sets, a pineapple cup and saucers and even some pineapple tea towels.

With vintage pineapple makers such as Villeroy & Boch, Myott, Sylvac & Eastgate Pottery (Hornsea) you're posint for choice, pop in to the yay retro! shop now and fill your boots - combined postage available.

Worcester ware Sea Dreams Fish Coasters in stock now

yay retro! are delighted to have the Worcester ware Savoy coasters in stock from the Sea Dreams range.  We know how many people love these as artworks and ornaments, so have put them up for sale individually as we have successfully done before. If you want more than one, don't worry combined postage will be refunded.  Find Worcester ware mats for sale at yay retro! here.

People adore the 1960/70s illustrations of Goldfish, Plaice and Sardines on these metal front and cork backed mats, and they are never in our online vintage shop for long!

Vintage Fathers Day Gifts

Vintage Fathers Day Gifts available from £5.50 at yay retro! Posting Monday 12th for you....Think bottles of beer in a milk bottle carrier, beer with funky vintage Worcester ware coasters, vintage Kodak cameras, Sergeant Pepper, framed and ready to go in his office, Mosaic Fish - you can't go wrong with fish!, Cheese or Cake (yum) delivered in a fabby teak dome, or nibbles in a fab vintage orange plastic and teak nibbles tray. Or how about an 80s Cowboy cup and plate set! Prices from £5.50 at

Quick Easy Low Cal Quiche Recipe

Here's my very much loved cookery book - The New of Art of Cooking published by Stork margarine in the 1970s. Everyone taking my O Level cookery course between 1976-1978 at my school had to have a copy and we all seemed to get our recipes for our exam from the book.  In the past 40 years this has been my number one cookery book and I know many of the page numbers of my favourite recipes by heart. This doesn't stop me from adapting the recipes to suit what's in my cupboard and the low fat diet I like to follow however, so I tend to use it as a guide more than anything.

Tonight we are having a Quick Easy Low Cal Quiche, which basically means it's a quiche without any pastry. yay! so much easier, speedier and also lighter on the tum (especially with my dreadful pastry making!) Here's the recipe for you to give it a go, it's brill with new potatoes, salad or any kind of grain. We've got a barley, apple and nut salad to go with this tonight.

Low Cal Quiche Recipe:

1 small onion chopped finely
1 sweet red pepper sliced (I like the Palermo Sweet Pointed Peppers from Morrisons)
Bowl or small punnet of regular mushrooms
Dash of chilli oil or use fry light spray
1/4 pint red top milk (you can use any milk, even single cream if you fancied upping the calories)
2 medium eggs
2oz Feta crumbled or Low fat Cheddar Cheese grated or a mix of both (or other cheese of your choice)
Fresh Herbs (I used dill) to your taste
Salt & Pepper

7 inch greased and lined flan dish set on a baking tray (in case of spills)

1. Fry the onion, pepper and mushrooms in the oil / spray until soft and golden (if using Fry Light you may need to add a bit of water to cook the vegetables right through, letting this cook off thoroughly)
2. In a bowl beat together the eggs and the milk, add the salt & pepper, the chopped or milled herbs and the cheese
3. Pop the veg in your flan dish, pour over the milk & cheese mixture, then bake at 190c until golden brown and set (check with a knife to see if it is set in the middle).
4. Can be eaten hot of cold

Why not nip in to the yay retro! online vintage shop for a browse? You never know we may have some lovely vintage cookware for sale which is right up your street!

Moist, Chewy Almond Loaf Cake Recipe

Here's a wonderful recipe which I've just tried out for an Almond Loaf Cake. I am sure you will love this moist, chewy cake. It's the perfect way to get almonds into your diet. Almonds are valued for being a source of magnesium, vitamin E, good unsaturated fatty acids and also they are high in protein. Some health professionals even say almonds can reduce heart disease as the fats in them are similar to those found in olive oil. 

Whatever, this is a truly yummy 'grown up' cake and worth cooking up as it is terrifically easy!  See below for the recipe and instructions...

Moist, Chewy Almond Loaf Cake Recipe:

175gm/5oz Half Spoon Sugar (or the real deal up to you)
1 tbspn Soft Brown Sugar
150gm/5oz Clover Light Spread (or normal margarine up to you)
2 medium eggs
1/2 to 1 tspn Almond Essence ( to your taste)
3 tbspn Milk
125gm/ 4.5oz Self Raising Flour
1.5 tspn Baking Powder
Few grinds of Sea Salt
150gm/5oz Ground Almonds (Or make your own as I did by putting flaked almonds in a food processor - this makes for a more satisfying, chewier bite)

Oven Temp 175c   /  325f  Baking Time 45 minutes

1. Grease & line a 1lb Loaf Tin
2. Cream the Clover (margarine) and sugar together until light and fluffy with a hand held mixer
3. Beat in the eggs one at a time
4. Stir in the almond essence and milk
4a. If using Flaked almonds, put them through your blender first to create a fine mix
5. Now add half the almonds, half the flour and the baking powder and whisk
6. Then add the rest of the almonds and flour and whisk again to a soft dropping consistency
7. Spoon into your baking tin
8. Bake for 45 minutes until golden brown and cooked through (check with a knife, if it comes out clean it's done)
9. Allow to cool and serve on a vintage cake plate as a cake or in a sundae dish as a dessert with custard and cream
10. Once cool, store in an airtight container and this should remain moist for several days

Why not pop in to yay retro! now and take a look at the wonderful vintage cake plates we have for sale? These include Royal Tudorware, Washington Potteries, Empire, Staffordshire Potteries and many more.

New Brands Pages in the yay retro! Retropedia

Pleased to have added a few more brands pages to the yay retro! Retropedia this week. You'll find a whole host of vintage brands from Arcopal to Wyncraft on these special pages of my website. To find the Retropedia, simply scroll to the bottom of the site and in the footer you will find all the different brands represented. Click on the brand of your choice to find out information about the history, many of their products, descriptions and names of patterns, the designers working with the brand and some of the products made.  I always discuss items yay retro! are selling right now or have sold in the past.

A classic vintage Galt Toys Picture Lotto Game in the yay retro! shop and Retropedia

I am in the process of adding new Retropedia pages as I know by looking at my website stats how often people like to read and refer to the information there. A couple of pages have been added this week for Galt Toys and Arabia of Finland and I will be working on Worcester ware soon. 

A link to Galt Toys in the Retropedia

A link to Arabia, Finland in the Retropedia

Arabia, Finland Primavera Coffee Pot which is in the yay retro! shop and Retropedia.

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