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our blog - March 2022

Decorate with Mid Century Fabric Birds from yay retro!

Now you can decorate anywhere and everywhere with yay retro's vintage fabric birds.

I've carefully chosen 1960s and 70s fabrics to create this unique range of birds which can be stood on picture frames and shelves.....

Hung on door or drawer handles...


......or more conventionally on hooks on the wall. 


Hang them within the leaves of pot plants...

yay retro's vintage fabric birds can complement your existing mid century bird collection, as above with this Carltonware bird! Indeed, if like me you adore Hornsea or Poole Pottery birds, then yay retro's fabric birds are sure to bring you joy. Every single one is completely unique and handmade - Shop the collection here.

Vintage Butlins Tea Towel for sale at yay retro now!

Butlins was THE holiday destination for UK holiday makers back in the 1950s and 60s. Back when factories closed down for a fortnight and people caught the train or bus to go on their annual break, Butlins offered hardworking folk the holiday of a lifetime.

They offered lots of different activities, from sunbathing around the pool, knobbly knees and beauty competitions as well as ballroom dancing and stage shows!

This fabulous rare and collectable 1950/60s tea towel has the very best mid century illustration of a young couple by the swimming pool. It comes to you in unused condition and would be absolutely perfect framed as a piece of art in any room of your home. Snap this stunning tea towel up now by clicking here!

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