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our blog - February 2022

1960/70s Vintage Fabric Birds at yay retro

If you love 1960/70s Flower Power fabric, then you will adore yay retro's range of vintage fabric birds! Decorate for Spring with some of these delightful birds....They can be popped anywhere to create a lovely display, which will last all year round! From £8.50 inc postage....why not buy several to create a flock of happiness? 

Prop on a shelf, hang on the wall or on a furniture handle, anywhere for a pop of colour and joy! Shop for one of these fabulous fabric birds now, handmade by me in Totnes, Devon xx 

Crocheted Painting - Paul Klee vs yay retro

One of my most favourite artworks of all time is Paul Klee's 1925 painting  'Alter Klang', which translates as Ancient or Old Sound.  I adore the way the colours appear to pulse and visually move the eye backwards and forwards through the work.  

I decided to have a go at crocheting it as a blanket, because the use of colour blocks lends itself very well to a simple granny square.  The results certainly got people excited on social media, and it was a real delight to make! I used a range of Pato and New Fashion double knit yarns, taking Klee's layout of colours as a guide, and the blanket sold before I even completed it! I am now on the lookout for other paintings which could form the basis of a crocheted throw.


Posted in Crochet by yayretro on 16/02/2022

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