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Buy a Vintage Gift for a Pieces

People born under the Pisces sign of the Zodiac are born between the 18th February and 20th March. With this watery star sign being represented by a fish, the yay retro! online vintage shop has some marvellous items which are ideal to give as birthday gifts!

These include Washington Potteries Aquarius Fish Plates, we have 6 of these in stock at the moment in fantastic condition. Lots of people love to give these for key birthdays such as 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th celebrations and the plates are ideal to double up as art works.

We also have some delightful vintage book illustrations from the 1960s and 70s which have been popped into fab white box frames. By Alain Gree and Karoly Reich these are certain to bring a smile to any Aquarians face.

How about a mosaic fish by Box of Frogs Mosaics? These are made from vintage china plates, cups and bowls. Each are unique and can be stood on a shelf or hung on the wall. We have some in our bathroom and more in our office. They would also look marvellous in a kitchen! 

If you love Scandinavian mid century design, then our Kaarina Aho designed fish plaque from Finland Arabia is for you. Hang on the wall when not in use, and use to serve nibbles, cheese, sushi and more at dinner and tea parties.

Why not search 'fish' at yay retro! now to see the may ideal vintage fish related gifts for Aquarians?

Vintage Campers or Caravans - Pros and Cons

Go back a few years and it was VW camper van this and VW camper van that....however vintage caravans such as the Sprite and Monza are now making their way in to the hearts of vintage lovers. So what are the pros and cons of owning each type of van? I am not an expert, but these are my thoughts based on my experiences.

We used to own a VW California camper and we were forever away in it on campsites up and down the country. We loved the flexibility and the speed at which you could set up camp and get the kettle on (or get into bed). It was super fast, simply park up, put the handbrake on, get in the back and turn the stove on or roll the bed out! No faffing with stabilising legs, un hooking, awnings, groundsheets or other paraphernalia. One year we hired a 1960s VW camper and even with this, it was simple to get the table in position and everything out for lunch in no time.

We parked our van on the drive as we also used it as our main car. So storing it wasn't a problem which was a huge plus. On the downside when petrol went up, costs were high, and being as it was our main car this caused us a bit of a worry day to day which was why we eventually sold it. 

The other consideration was taking it down small lanes. On one trip to Salcombe we didn't dare take it down the small winding roads for fear of meeting another vehicle. Talking to other camper van owners on the camp site they felt the same. Mind you this was with the chunky T5 California, it would not so much of a problem with a T1 or T2 VW. 

When camping you need to mark your spot, otherwise when you leave for a day trip you may find it taken on your return. This is really annoying, especially if you had a nice view on your plot! You may need to use chocks to get your van level at bedtime.

Living out of a camper van is fun, but it takes getting used to. There is not much room, and you can't stand up in them unless you have a pop up roof. There are no wardrobes in a vintage VW camper, (and a teeny one in the T5 California), so you need to get organised. There was 2 of us and we soon sorted out a system of storing coats and shoes in big plastic boxes in the boot. Then when one person was cooking (usually me!) the other stayed put so as not to get in the way. This wouldn't be so much of a problem in a caravan where there is more room. VW vans don't have indoor toilets - something to get used to if you wake in the night!

When it comes to kitting out a camper van, then going lightweight is probably best as you'll be driving around with your kit on board all of the time. Vintage melamines and plastics such as Gaydon Melmex & Tupperware is light, durable and doesn't rattle like china might. So they are great choices for a camper. yay retro! has Tupperwarevintage melamine & plastic wares for sale in our shop here.

Lots of camper van owners like to invest in vintage cushions and tablecloths choosing a colour which matches the paint work of their van. Again yay retro! can help, click here and use the search box to find just what you are looking for in our online vintage shop.

Going on to caravans, my experience of these goes back to the 60s and 70s when my parents had a Sprite. We would go away on hols at least 4 times a year, and there were 4 of us in the small van. Mum and Dad slept on the double bed where the table was situated in the day time, and my brother and I slept at the back of the van, one on the bench seat and one in a hammock arrangement above (this was put away in the day time). This worked perfectly well until our teens.

Thinking about the pros of a caravan, you can use your car all year round and only hitch the van on when you go away. Then on holiday you again unhitch and revert back to just using the car. This almost certainly means a saving on every day fuel costs in comparison to a camper van. Having just the car to consider for daily jaunts mean you have not go the worry of going down small lanes and such.

Having unhitched and made camp, you can make the most of the view you have, knowing you've got it for the duration. However setting up can take time, especially if you opt for awnings as so many people appear to do, so make sure the spot you set up in is definitely the one for you as moving is a pain! (I know you can get awnings for campers, but not as many people seem to use them.)

Once inside your van, the space is zoned, and (with the extra height) you can stand up to cook, whilst people are sat at the table doing other things. This is safer it seems to me, and much easier on the cook. There are wardrobes and cubby holes in a caravan meaning all your bits and bobs are stored indoors for easy access, and you don't have to get out to get your wet weather shoes and raincoat!  If you are really lucky you'll even have a loo, (although we didn't in our Sprite).

On the downside, unless you have a large driveway you'll probably have to pay to store your van somewhere, often farms and storage companies offer this as a service. If you are fortunate enough to have a large garden or drive however, I can see a huge perk of having a caravan is that it can double up a sun room for impromptu summer parties! I know I would use it this way as it would be fantastic fun!

With a caravan you could decide to buy some durable Pyrex and chunky vintage butter dishes, along with vintage bedding. yay retro! have an abundance of these for sale in our shop here. Again Gaydon Melmex from the 1960s & 70s is fab as it is durable, stylish and is actually the picnic ware of choice for vintage devotees.

Since caravans are most often cream or white, (though some like this dear little vintage van has a splash of colour), the interior could be any colour you desire. Why not go for a splash of 70s orange? With a van you can be much bolder than you might dare in your home! Pop into yay retro! now and have a good old vintage browse for your vintage caravan or camper. I combine postage wherever I can safely do so.

Buy Vintage for your 70s styled Home at yay retro! Today

Many more people are now shopping for genuine 1970s wares for their homes.  Having tried the contemporary copies, people find there's no getting away from the lure and attraction of the 'real vintage deal'. The quality is often better and the price most often lower! This is why yay retro! has so many repeat customers to our online vintage shop.

Below, we've put together a little selection of the 1970s homeware wonders available right now at yay retro!, so that you can see the range of homewares you can source from us this month. From Vintage orange and yellow Tupperware to brightly coloured Pyrex covered in Daisies, we are sure you will find something for your home.

If you have a coffee machine, why not invest in a vintage 70s set of espresso cups and saucers? The Midwinter design set we have are absolutely superb and the perfect size (we've tested them with our Nespresso machine). We no longer stock a huge range of vintage cups and saucers, but what we do have is on at super appealing prices and/or are the rarer designs.

Vintage utensils are very popular and we always try to have good stocks of vintage Addis, Skyline, Nutbrown and Rosti Mepal for you. As with all vintage wares we can only sell items as and when we find them, so it's always worth popping back regularly to check on our stock levels and scoop up the items you are looking for.

Teak is making a huge come back with this years warm and natural look being all the rage in contemporary homes, just as it was in the 70s. We have gorgeous vintage teak and tile boards as well as a lovely cake or cheese dome with a teak base available at the moment.

If you are looking for vintage Scandi designer classics, keep an eye out for Laurids Lonborg items at yay retro! designed by Lena and Al Eklund. We also have an Esteri Tomula FINEL Arabia Finland pan, and a Kaj Franck Daisy design 'Kehra' enamel teapot kettle available. Plus a Kaarina Aho Fish chopping board / wall plaque. Use the search box in the shop to find the items you are looking for. Click here to visit the yay retro! shop now.

Have a Vintage Drinks Party with yay retro!

yay retro! is an online vintage shop which is full of genuine vintage wares for your home. If you've been thinking of holding a vintage drinks party, then we have everything you'll need to get your party started!  From vintage 'cocktail party' invitations to decanters and glasses from the 1950s, 60s & 70s.

Choose a vintage chopping board like this kitsch house shaped tiled board, which comes with a bottle opener and knife ready to slice your cherries and chop your lemons, then pair this up with a set of vintage glasses. We have frosted & striped ones from the 50s, and abstract patterns from the 60s for you in stock right now.

You might be wondering what kinds of drinks were in vogue back in the day that you could serve at your party....

How about a Whisky Manhattan:
2 parts whiskey
1 part sweet vermouth
1 to 2 dashes bitters, such as Angostura
Orange peel
Maraschino Cherries
Serve in a short glass

Or a classic Martini Cocktail:
1 part vermouth
5 part Gin
Ice (for mixing)
Garnish with a green olive or lemon rind
Serve in a Cocktail or champagne glass

Vintage 50s & 60s shot glasses are ideal for today's love of...well....shots!  So if you're planning on playing some party games and want some fun why not invest in a set of genuine vintage glasses to set you all off in the party mood? We even have fantastic vintage coasters to buy! Use the links below to find what you need, but be quick as you'll see they sell out fast:

yay retro! vintage shop
Vintage Glasses
Vintage Decanters
Vintage Coasters
Vintage Chopping Boards etc

Fantastic Vintage Enamel Flower Power Saucepan

This is a genuine vintage 1960/70s flower power saucepan, which I now have for sale in the yay retro! shop. This ultra rare design features bright yellow and red daisies with a bright orangey red lid. Unmarked, this is inline with those made by Worcester ware and is truly delightful.  Finding items like this is what makes running yay retro! so worthwhile and to know that it will find it's way into someone's home to be cherished anew is just fantastic!

Why buy a contemporary saucepan, when you can buy the real deal? This is a large, heavy quality pan ready to go into your vintage kitchen today! We absolutely adore the floral 60s design on this and are sure you will too! Find out more and Buy it now!

Top 6 items being viewed at yay retro! this week

Here are the top 6 items being viewed on the yay retro! website ahead of purchase this week....

1. Woods Beryl Utility Cups and Saucers, as seen in all the recent British movies set in the 1940/50s and on 'Further Back in Time for Dinner' on BBC2.  We have six on offer at just £12 at the moment, which is half our normal price!

2. Arabia Finel Red Enamel Teapot Kettle from Finland in the 1960/70s designed by Kaj Franck, this is one of the most sought after vintage designers and makers.

3. Spears Flower Play Box so many of you, like me can recall having this in the late 60s and early 70s and it strikes a real chord of happiness in us all!

4. Hornsea Saffron Butter Dish, people adore vintage butter dishes and love John Clappison's designs for Hornsea, so this is the perfect combo!

5. Scandi Apple Dish with the current trend on the High Street being vintage inspired goods, the real deal is preferable to any discerning buyer. Making this 1960/70s apple dish very interesting to loads of you.

6. 'Lloyd Loom' Cabinet on Dansette legs, this lovely shabby chic woven cabinet is ideal for any room in your home. Pop a vintage display on the top and fill it with goodies such as books and magazines - you'll be delighted with it's versatility!

Click here to visit the yay retro! online shop now.

Károly Reich framed 1974 Animal Pictures for sale at yay retro! now

Károly Reich (1922-88) was a Hungarian illustrator, graphic artist and a poster designer who began working in 1945. In the 1970s he worked on a number of children's books, and yay retro! are delighted to have some framed pictures from a 1974 book for sale in our online vintage shop now. These features bears, owls, foxes and birds in fantastically bright colours. 

Riech became well known for his outstanding drawing skills, and it is his detailing and fluidity of line that attracts us to his work. He illustrated more than 500 books in his lifetime! What we love about these pictures is that the originals were done in coloured pencil giving them a soft, folksy feel. You can find the framed pictures we have for sale here, and they are offered to you with combined postage.

Royal Tudorware Springtime Dinner Plates for sale

yay retro! have four very rare 1960/70s Royal Tudorware Springtime Dinner plates for sale in our online vintage shop at the moment. These are perfect to hang on your wall, prop on a shelf with a vintage display or for everyday use. They feature a bold arrangement of orange, purple and white flowers including daisies, anemones and tulips in amongst green leaves. Completely gorgeous for Springtime as the pattern name suggests! These are highly sought after, and would make a superb gift or treat for yourself. Combined postage is with matching all the plates in stock. Take a look and buy now.

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