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our blog - January 2022

Buy Vintage Fabric Birds - The Ideal Valentines Day Gift

Show the Love, Give a Vintage Fabric Bird this Valentines Day

I make these lovely hanging birds from vintage Flower Power fabrics. They are all unique from 'Freya' above, who is a Scots lass through and through; to this flock of 1960/70s bright orange beauties who include 'Maisie', 'Felice' and 'Daisy'. Each is named to emphasise their individual characters! 


Hang them on indoor plants, furniture handles, shelves or on the wall to bring lots of joy! Whether you buy for yourself or a friend, these cute vintage birds are sure to make you smile. Pop in to see which ones are available to buy now.

Tammis Keefe Tea Towel for sale in UK now

Tammis Keefe is one of the most sought after names in the vintage world of tea towel, hanky and fabric collecting. Working in the 1940s as a textile print designer, she created prints for home furnishing mid century fabrics. Later in the 1950s and 60s she started designing handkerchiefs and tea towels. Now it is very hard to track down any tea towels designed by her as they are so sought after. 

Tammis Keefe's Mid Century Fabric Designs are Super Sought After!

Happily, yay retro has a Tammis Keefe Christmas design tea towel to buy now! This comes in a deep rich green, yellow and red & features three angels decorating the Xmas tree.  The word 'Noel' is on one of the angel's dress. This comes in superb condition which has been freshly laundered. Make it yours today and enjoy this incredible design all year round - very hard to let go!

Vintage 1950/60s Butlins Tea Towel for Sale

Butlins Holiday Camps were set up back in 1936, and were a fun destination for British workers up and down the country to go to with their families. Back in a time when foreign travel was not even thought about by working class people, Butlins offered excitement, shows, dancing and relaxation by the sea for many.

According to the Butlins website, Billy Butlin wanted to create a “place of colour and happiness” for everyone.  This fantastic vintage 1950/60s Butlins tea towel sums up the colour and joy of the typical 1950/60s holiday. Printed with the typical 1950s black, red, yellow and blue colour scheme, this must-have rare collectible tea towel is available to buy in the yay retro shop now! Click the picture to find out more.

1950/60s Butlins Collectable Tea Towel for sale at yay retro

Vintage 1960/70s Belinda Lyon Tea Towels For Sale Now

Back in the 1960/70s renowned illustrator Belinda Lyon was commissioned to design a range of Psychedelic animal tea towels for Oxfam. These are now very collectible indeed and rarely come up for sale. Happily, yay retro have a Dandylion, Daisy Cow and Fox design tea towel in stock to buy right now! 

These Midcentury design classics are must-have items for your modern vintage home. The perfect artwork to frame for any room from lounge to bedroom, kitchen to dining room, office to craft room. Plus they are sure to draw admiring comments.

Click on the photos to find these fantastic Belinda Lyon tea towels and more.

Belinda Lyon Fox Tea Towel Designed for Oxfam

Belinda Lyon Daisy Cow Tea Towel Designed for Oxfam

Belinda Lyon Dandylion Tea Towel Designed for Oxfam

Buy Crochet Throws & Blankets, Handmade in Devon

Handmade Crochet Throws and Blankets made by Sue of yay retro in Totnes, South Devon

Hi there, I'm Sue who runs yay retro! I make and sell handmade crocheted items.  One of my most popular items are my throws and crochet blankets.


Often I create unique crochet throws using my own designs, like the retro spot throw above.

Because I love crocheting so much, I add different designs to my website most weeks, with colour themes and designs varying regularly. I always try to use colours that are in fashion, keeping a constant check on interior design trends.  This means you are sure to find a throw that suits your home or that of a friend. 

My new offset granny square designs with asymmetric stripes.

I have been knitting and crocheting for over 30 years and also hold a Fine Art degree from The Winchester School of Art. I think that this background in the arts adds a little *something* to all of the crochet I make and sell. What do you think? Why not take a look at everything I've made, including blankets and throws I've sold to date. 

This blanket has the look and feel of the 1950s and early 60s., due to the colours chosen.

With the resurgence of Flower Power and Vintage styling, crochet is currently enjoying a massive boom in popularity. I always aim to have blankets available for those of you who love midcentury design. A well made crochet throw can add colour and texture to your home and is sure to attract lots of attention. I also make totally unique and unusual pattern and colour combinations...

Completely unique, one-off crochet blankets, which are designed as I make them....

If you like something it's worth snapping up as I probably won't ever make another the same! As I mentioned above, I create many crochet blanket designs out of my head, making pattern and colour decisions as I go along. This means that you would never find another the same anywhere. If you adore having lovingly made items in your home, which are unlike anything you can buy anywhere else, then yay retro is for you.  You can even commission me to make something just for you. Simply get in touch. Pop in to yay retro now to see the huge range of crochet blankets and throws available to buy right now. - all hand made by myself in Totnes, Devon.

Handmade Vintage Birds to Hang in your Home

Did you know that yay retro now make and sell vintage fabric birds as well as handmade crochet? Made with genuine vintage 60s/70s fabrics, these colourful birds come in two sizes and are designed to bring joy and colour to your home.

Hang on the wall, on your indoor plants, off of a shelf or on the handle of your furniture. Why not buy several and create a wall display?

Each bird is completely unique to create it's own personal character. Why not explore the birds I have for sale now?

Vintage Tea Towels now on sale at yay retro!

At yay retro we love 1960/70s vintage tea towels, do you?

Many of you will know that yay retro were originally specialist vintage sellers. Recently I have been desperate to have some vintage pieces in my shop again....So for 2022 you will be able to buy all the handmade crocheted items you've come to love, PLUS handmade vintage fabric birds and NOW collectable vintage tea towels too!  Whether you love vintage Flower Power fabric tea towels or particular designers such as Belinda Lyon or Harry Butterworth, then yay retro is the place to come and shop. 

Belinda Lyon Tea Towels are super collectable

Vintage tea towels are wonderful framed or hung from a wooden baton in any room in your home. Obviously each tea towel is a rarely found thing, so if you find one you love it's a great idea to snap it up!  Love 1960 and 70s daisy designs?  Masses of bright orange and yellow huge florals or kitsch 1950s designs?....Whatever style you love pop in to check out the vintage tea towels we have for sale right now.


1950s kitsch tea towels are fun to frame or use in your kitchen! Go shopping for vintage tea towels at yay retro now!

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