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Kit out your Vintage Caravan or Camper

Did you know that yay retro! is packed full of great items for your vintage caravan or VW camper?  We hunt around for the very best in 1960s Gaydon Melamine and funky 70s Staffordshire Potteries Mugs, Cups and Saucers, because having owned a Vdub ourselves before, we know what looks great inside!

At the moment, we have melaware salt and pepper pots, egg cups and butter dishes as well as cereal bowls, cups and saucers. We even have a Gaydon cheese grater!! 

On the Staffordshire Pottery front, we have surfer style mugs, cups, saucers and plates in a great range of bright flowery patterns, we even have a set still in it's box! Why not nip into the yay retro! shop for a browse now? 

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