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Rare Woods Beryl Butter Dish for sale

Woodsware is one of those great traditional British icons of homeware that everyone can remember a relative having. It was in mass production in the 40s and 50s, and came in Green known as Beryl - as above, Jasmine Yellow and Iris Blue. It seems that green was the most popular as you come across many tea plates, cups and saucers in that colour. My Gran had a set of Berylware and I can remember eating my dinner off of Beryl dinner plates, and having one of my first cups of tea in a Beryl cup and saucer at her house.

Harder to find is the more interesting and also very useful items like Beryl butter and cheese dishes. So we are really pleased to have this lovely round butter dish for sale in the yay retro! shop right now. The base is about tea plate sized, and it has a raised lip which keeps the lid in place and the contents safe.

Why not pop into the yay retro! shop now and check this lovely item out?
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