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Funkedelic Orange Slice Glass Jug!

A lovely retro jug reminiscent of the 70's with orange slice detailing, this jug would be ideal for summery  children's  party drinks or an adult cocktail or punch.

Why not try a Harvey Wallbanger…we seem to recall drinking quite a few of these in the 1970's!

Just add -
2 measures of vodka to 1 measure of Galliano
Fresh orange juice
Slice of orange or lemon to garnish
Ice (crushed if preferred)
Pour the vodka and orange juice into the jug filled with ice and stir for around 30 seconds. Add the Galliano. Add orange and lemon slices, and more ice if required.


Orange slice water jug vintage and shabby chic from yay retro! online shop for china, glassware and kitchenalia

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