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yay retro! talk to Textile Designer Rebekah Ginda

During our wanders around online, we often come across incredibly talented artists and designers. People whose work stops us in our tracks, and just such a person is Surface and Fabric designer Rebekah Ginda. 

The image we saw was a range of fabrics from her K├╝chenzauber collection, which Westfalenstoffe Living has launched in 3 zingy colours.  The pattern includes vintage pots, pans and kitchenalia in retro colours. To illustrate the ways the fabric could be used, they put together a range of hand made items for a photoshoot (on the right below), which included aprons, oven gloves, tablecloths and tea towels.  After seeing this we tracked Rebekah down and got talking about her work, and we thought you might like to have a read, so here goes...

Rebekah grew up in Connecticut and worked out of Seattle for 8 years, she has been based in Muenster, Germany since 2010. Rebekah started working as a textile designer in 2005 , after graduating with a degree in Apparel Design. Starting at Nordstrom, she covered for a lady on maternity leave; this was to be her lucky break, as in the end the designer decided not to return to work and she was offered her position. Rebekah says that she really learned the profession of surface design 'on the job'. 

The place you will see her current designs are as fabric collections. Her designs have also been used on clothes, as appliques, on Home products, Stationery, and phone/tablet cases.  In future she would love to see her patterns on wrapping paper or wallpaper for kids.  The best place to contact Rebekah and find out more about her work is to visit her website here, and this will enable you to explore the many companies she designs for, who sell her work. 

Rebekah tells us that her inspiration comes from  retro kids books and toys, and from watching her own little ones live their lives. Perhaps this is why one of her favourite items in the yay retro! shop is the Children's Tea Set?

Rebekah's house was built in the 60's and  she says it has a real retro charm.  She loves collecting books and fabrics from the 60's, and uses them as inspiration and decoration.  She says, "the colour palettes from that time were so much fun.  I love seeing pink and orange together and then throw in a little citron and - Bam! - colour happiness.  I also love using retro dishes and would serve on nothing but dishes like the Midwinter Alpine crockery you have in stock, if my husband would let me get away with it.  He's pretty kitsch-cautious which is a pity since Germany is full of funky dishwear from years gone by."

Pop into yay retro! now, or visit Rebekah Ginda's website here

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