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Vintage Mosaic Birds & Fish Artworks

yay retro! are thrilled with the success of the stunning vintage china mosaic birds and fish we sell in our online vintage and retro home ware shop. We have sold lots of these beautiful pieces of art, with many people buying them in groups to arrange attractively on their wall.

These mosaics are made by renowned artist Fiona Gurney, who receives large commissions for her mosaics from many public organisations in the UK. These are permanently displayed in town centres and on public buildings, and often reflect the buildings, flora and fauna of the area.

With the birds and fish that yay retro! sell, Fiona carefully selects pieces of vintage and retro china from the 1930s - 70s. These are artfully and very carefully arranged to suggest feathers and wings, fins and scales to fabulous effect. Whilst teeny circular patterns from vintage china is used to make the eyes; the attention to detail is just wonderful!

J&G and Alfred Meakin, Kathie Winkle and Poole Pottery feature alongside the likes of Empire and other makes of vintage fine bone china. These mosaics are perfect on their own and can be hung on the wall (they come with fixings attached), or popped on a shelf as an ornament (they have a wide base).

Many people become collectors, ( as we have). The birds can be grouped in lots of ways to create a feature in a room. Buy them all facing in one direction, or buy birds looking in different directions to one another to create a variety of effects. These pieces of mosaic art can be used in place of paintings on the wall, as you can space them out. You can also redesign their layout, creating new and interesting configurations whenever you fancy.

The fish mosaics are simply stunning, we have a shoal of fish on our office wall with a variety of sizes swimming along. You can twist the hook on the back to make your fish hang in either direction, and because of their deep base you can stand them very easily on a shelf or piece of furniture. The large fish are absolutely ideal as ornaments in particular.

Our collection of birds and fish continue to grow, and we find that people visiting our home fall in love with them, they are real conversation pieces! Men in particular seem to love the fish, so these would make ideal presents for them. Do pop in to the yay retro! shop to take a look at our current range of vintage mosaic artworks. We are always receiving fresh stock, so keep checking back. If you wish to buy more than one item, we refund any postage not required.

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