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Mix up your vintage

When collecting retro or vintage china, the temptation is often to keep to one colour and one maker. For instance putting together a whole set of 1950s Poole Pottery's Red Indian and Magnolia.  However, mixing up your vintage collection can create some wonderful looks for your retro kitchen and home.  

We've paired together some Scandi style red Pontesa from the 60s/70s with the Poole Pottery above and it looks amazing doesn't it? 

Thinking again of mixing up your vintage eras by keeping to a colour theme, how about this perfectly pastel 50s J&G Meakin tea set, and our 70s baby blue enamelware tea and sugar containers? Looking pretty fab if we may say so!  

Did you know that you can search by colour in the yay retro! shop?  Just use the search box in the shop - top right.

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