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yay retro! catches up with Lemon Loves...

Here at yay retro! we adore vintage fabrics, stunning design and great when we came across the work of Hilary from Lemon Loves we got very, very excited....

Hilary makes bags, storage baskets, bunting, cushions and even aprons from the most beautiful retro fabrics, in contemporary and desirable shapes. Take the shoulder bags below, these are made by hand using vintage, new and reclaimed fabrics. Each bag is unique and fully reversible - two bags in one, what could be better? I am hankering after the stripe or the floral one myself!

Hilary's motto is “fabric, form, function and fun", and says that running Lemon Loves means she is rediscovering the joys of making by mixing up fabrics, colours and textures from the 1950s to the present day. She love's bringing vintage, modern and reclaimed fabrics together, finding the connections between them and combining them into an item of beauty, and we would add usefulness....

Take a look at the wonderful fabric baskets below. Why not use these for storing items in and around your home, caravan or camper van...I am thinking that the orange one would be marvellous on your lunch or dinner table to serve hunks of French bread, or use a larger one  to pop down to the shops.

If like me you love Hilary's work, you can find Lemon Loves on Folksy or visit the Lemon Loves website here.
Or pop into the yay retro! shop now, where we also have a knits and linens department :O)
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