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Poole Pottery Twintone Trudiana and Sepia

If there's one thing we adore it's Poole Pottery's Twintone range, so we'll probably be chatting about it quite a bit on here! If you've never experienced a piece of Twintone, do try and get a hold of some…Poole Pottery has a stroke-able matte finish to it, with colours which are very easy on the eye. We love the way the designs are from the 1930's, yet were made in the 1950's and 60's, and actually look like they were created yesterday - so many people can't believe this is vintage china when they see it.  In the yay retro! shop we have a selection of Twintone in brown tones.

We have a biscuit barrel in sepia and mushroom (these barrels keep biscuits  surpisingly fresh for weeks!) Also several pieces of Trudiana from Poole's Streamline range. Trudiana is one of the rarer, collectible Poole Patterns, and we have a coffee and hot water jug, and also a sugar bowl. 

Poole Pottery Twintone Sepia Brown, biscuit barrel with Trudiania water and coffee jugs and sugar bowl from yay retro!

Made in Poole, Dorset from the 1930's onwards this stylishly designed tableware looks as good today as it did back then due to it's sleek modern lines. Poole Pottery is practical and a joy to use, why not explore the yay retro! shop for more Poole Pottery to purchase for your own home?

Poole Pottery Twintone Coffee Jugs in yellow and seagull and Trudiana Sepia and Mushroom from yay retro!

Above - Trudiana Coffee & hot water pots  These jugs are super to use as tea pots as they pour so well. All are available in the yay retro! shop now :O)


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