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Vintage Cake & Tea Plates for sale

Whether you love the utility ware plates of the 1940s, 50s check tea plates or 1960s and 70s florals, yay retro! share your love of all things vintage! We've been out hunting for lots of tea and cake plates of late, and so we now have a great choice on the website to buy. Some people buy them to display on a dresser or shelf, whilst others like to use them every day in their kitchens.

Here's a lovely early Johnson Brothers Golden Dawn cake plate in the Art Deco style, we think this would look great with our Kathie Winkle 'October' tea plates, what do you think? Like-wise the beryl tea plates below would look lovely with our square apple blossom cake plate. We even have 2 types of Beryl cake plate in stock :O)

Want something a bit more eye catching? This 30s/40s Art Deco Woods Ivory Ware cake plate is absolutely stunning! For those wanting something more 70s, we have a date specific plate for 1976, which reminds us of Fairy Tales, and all things Scandinavian.

Our plates come in all shapes and size, from large oval serving platters like the one below right from Johnson Bros, to fancy shapes like our Art Deco Delphinium cake plate on the right.

Why not have a stroll through the yay retro! shop now, we also have Poole Black pebble, J&G Meakin Filigree and Vintage Polka Dot plates plus many more!
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