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Vintage Wicker Baskets for sale

Wicker baskets always draw my eye when I am out and about, as they are so natural and nostalgic! Right now we have two lovely ones in stock, a round one with a tall handle, ideal for shopping and a very 60s retro one with the typical girlie shape of that era. These are just perfect for both storing and carrying vegetables in the garden, from the allotment and then storing them in the home - and of course for shopping!!

Why not give a basket as a gift filled with goodies that your friend or family member will love?  Toys, food, drinks or cosmetics all look great when given in a basket.  Recently we gave lots of gardening bits of bobs in a basket to our daughter-in-law and we're pretty sure she loved it! 

You can take a look at our current stock of wicker baskets here :O)

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