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Collecting Vintage and Retro Jugs

Over the years I've always loved being surrounded by retro and vintage jugs, in fact collecting them was one of the reasons I set up yay retro! But why jugs? I think it's because the wide variety of shapes are visually appealing -  from tall and sleek to curvy and round. Plus of course being compact in size, means you can have quite a number without them taking over your house! (you can't do that with tea sets!)

Different eras of jugs can also sit very well together in a collection, so that a funky 60s Daisy pattern, such as Figgjo Flint (top left), looks fine with a 1950s rose pattern like Black Prince, from Palissy (top right).

Having a collection of jugs on hand is of course exceedingly useful too. We always have a handy jug for storing custard or cream in the fridge,  and even for pens on a desk and loose change or spare keys on a shelf! Look into one of our jugs and you never know what you'll find to be honest! 

From vintage Pyrex to fine bone china, jugs will never stop having an appeal for me. Recently we found this gorgeous cut glass jug and sugar bowl (below left), when looked at from above it has a floral pattern in the centre - it's beautiful!

My love of jugs is why the yay retro! vintage china shop has many for sale we have 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s jugs designed by  J&G Meakin, Midwinter, Poole Pottery, Woods Ware & Empire, as I simply cannot keep them all, and like to rotate my own collection from time to time. You can search 'jug' at yay retro! and find all that we have for sale at the moment, along with their matching cups, saucers, coffee and tea pots and plates, or simply click any of the photos here. Happy Browsing!
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