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1970's soup bowls and recipe!

We found some 1970s soup bowls and matching plates down in Paignton - yay…retro! 

Perfect for Heinz tomato soup, which is probably what has sloshed about in these fabulously zingy bowls more often than not!

yay retro sell vintage 1970s china online in their shop. These are a set of orange soup bowls with a lettuce soup recipe.

If you fancy making your own soup, try our lettuce, pea and mint recipe:

  • Fry a couple of chopped medium onions in a little olive oil in a large saucepan.
  • Add a whole lettuce (tear the leaves in half to fit in the pan first if necessary), and a couple of handfuls of frozen peas or a tin of processed peas.
  • Add Salt and Pepper,  and one and a half pints of boiling water with a vegetable oxo stock cube, to cover.
  • Finally stir in lots of fresh chopped mint from the garden if you have it. A whole pack of fresh chopped mint from the super market, or a couple of tablespoons of mint sauce to taste.
  • Cook on the hob for about 15 minutes, then liquidise with a blender and serve.
  • You can freeze this soup and reheat from frozen too

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