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Woods ware Beryl and Jasmine for sale

Woods Beryl and Jasmine ware really has become very popular recently. This utility table ware from the 40s is in nearly every great grandparents home, so it holds lots of memories and nostalgic appeal. The great thing about this crockery is that with it's soft pastel green and yellow colour glaze it can fit very nicely with your existing china and tableware both modern or antique. 

yay retro! always try to hold stocks of this, and at the moment we have jugs, cups, saucers, jugs, dishes, plates and cake plates for sale. Our oval Jasmine serving plate is ideal for serving meats or sandwiches and nibbles whilst we have two types of Beryl cake plate for sale too. Pop into the yay retro! shop to see what we have for sale from Woods at the moment by clicking here.

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