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What does the fox say December 5th?

Day 5 on my foxy advent calendar, and I have a rather posh Christmas Pudding! A posh pud needs a very posh plate to serve it here's our vintage suggestion - our really stunning fine glass large plate or platter with an Atomic pattern in white and red. This looks like it is from Chance glass as it has the same quality to it, however we have sought expert advice and it could be from Flamingo Halfweg (Dutch), Spiegelunion Flabeg (W.German) or VEB Olbernau (E.German). This really is something very special, give as a gift, put on display or use at very special parties.  

You could serve nibbles, Christmas pud, cake or just show it off on a shelf - it's particularly nice against a window with the light coming through, click here to take a closer look :O)
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