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Gorgeous Vintage Jugs for sale

Looking through the yay retro! stock room the other day, we were delighted to see how many gorgeous  and different ones we have for sale at the moment. Vintage jugs  have been a passion of mine for over 30 years as they are so easy to collect and display. 

Love this Blue Alpine patterned jug from Midwinter, with it's unusual 70s patterning, it is ideal ornamental set  as well as for gravies, sauces, custards and cream. You could stand the plate up to frame the unusual shape of the wide based jug.

The 1960s pink set have a beautiful shape, and look so delicate. However don't be deceived - these are actually made of Gaydon Melamine and are virtually unbreakable! Ideal for camper vans and caravanners. But also stunning in any vintage kitchen :O)

We adore the daisy pattern from Norway's Figgjo Flint. These are highly collectible and so we are really pleased to have this jug and sugar bowl in the shop at the moment, we have priced them attractively and do look out for the matching cups, saucers and coffee pot too :O)

Love yellow? We do as it cheers even the greyest of days. This Palissy Black Prince set with it's sunshine yellow sugar bowl and 1950s rose decorated jug is perfect for milk and cream. Why not pair it up with a 1950s black tea or coffee set?

You can search for vintage or retro jugs in the yay retro! shop by clicking here, do look out for more on our jug collection soon :O)

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