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What does the fox say? November 30th

I am one of those people who have to have an advent calendar...(I am blaming it on my love of illustration which began when I was about 4 with Dick Bruna's Miffy - well that's my excuse anyway).

Having been singing Ylvis's 'What does the fox say' in my head pretty much constantly for the past few months, I have chosen a foxy number from Oxfam.  So the excitement is mounting as to whether the illustrations inside each little door will match the fabulous exterior.

My plan is to have a yay retro! advent blog post each day - the question is will I keep it up?! Starting today with no door opened so you can see the outside in all it's glory....

...and today the fox says....have you got all you need to keep your drinks chilly this Winter party season? 
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