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yay retro! browses the book 'Stitch, Craft, Create, Vintage'

Recently we came across a fab book called Stitch, Craft, Create, Vintage,  although I never have time to get stitching and am pretty hopeless if I do, I found this book was very inspirational!  

Full of 101 simple (good for me) craft projects it includes recipes, clothing, jewellery, sewing, knitting and even candle making! So a really great book to dip into for some inspiration. What I particularly loved was the beautiful photographs, and the attention to detail when styling the items which had been created.

This Clarice Cliff style tea cosy really caught my eye. So pretty you would believe it actually was made in the 1930s! Other gorgeous things include this tiered cake with a waterfall of pretty flowers (my wedding cake looked like this, except we had Autumn colours and it was covered in royal icing.) 

One of the projects I may have a little go at is the pot holder, with vintage fabric on one side and a knitted backing I think this is something I could attempt?! Overall, I would recommend this book as a crafty gift or a divine treat for yourself. Grab a cup of tea some hobnobs and you'll have an idyllic afternoon I'm sure! you can buy this fab book for just £12.74 here - wow! 
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