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Vintage Home wares inspired by Modern Art

Modern Art came to the fore in the late 1800s, with prominent artists such as Kandinsky and Miró making their most famous paintings during the 1910-40s. By the 50s Abstract art was coming to the attention of 'every day' people, because of the the work of British interior designers like Lucienne Day, who was creating textile designs for wallpapers and fabrics inspired by the Modern European art movement. 

(above paintings by Joan Miró, Vassily Kandinsky and wallpaper design by Lucienne Day)

Finding 50s glass and tableware with patterns inspired by abstract art is wonderful, especially when they remain in excellent condition. These port or sherry glasses from the 1950s have gold and black abstract patterns and are unusually a complete set of 6.

You could team them up with our French decanter, which as you can see has a very Miró-esque feel to it's design?

Why not have a browse around yay retro! now and see what other artistic vintage pieces you find?

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