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How to keep warmer this Winter retro-style....

yay retro!'s top tips for keeping warm this winter:

  • Use a draft excluder to shut out the winter winds
  • Take all your windows off the latch, and close firmly
  • Close your curtains as soon as it gets dark
  • Use a fleecy blanket whilst watching TV
  • Wear thick socks with your slippers (and in bed, though not the slippers part!)
  • Wear a vintage neck scarf - looks arty, feels warm
  • Surround yourself with warm coloured things to trick your mind into feeling cosier
  • Drink plenty of hot drinks
  • Try a tot of something naughty to warm you up!
Want to peek at our warming retro ideas....our Canisbay drinks glasses are here and the red indian Poole pottery cups and saucers are here.

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