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Vintage China Mosaic Birds and Fish for sale

yay retro! have a beautiful collection of mosaic birds and fish for sale in our online shop, which are ideal to give as gifts or to decorate your home. These are created by artist Fiona Gurney using pieces of vintage china. Each piece of china is carefully selected for it's shape and form, then meticulously placed to suggest feathers, scales and fine detailing such as eyes.

In many cases yay retro! have pieces of the corresponding china for sale too. Above is a stunning little bird whose wings are created from 1970s J&G Meakin's Topic pattern.  As you can see we have a jug and sugar bowl in the pattern at the moment.

This gorgeous fish has been designed using Empire's 1950s Shetland pattern, as well as pieces of Poole Pottery. You can hang these fish on the wall, or stand them a shelf as seen here. Our Shetland and Manhattan plate set would look fabulous alongside.

This large bird has Midwinter Sienna feathers, and an eye made from a piece of a Kathie Winkle plate. Displaying these finely made pieces of art in your retro home really does look amazing - we have many pieces of Fiona's work displayed in groups for maximum effect. 

Why not give as a gift to mark a special occasion? We think the birds would be beautiful keepsakes, and the fish are always gratefully received and appreciated by men in particular. 

Click on the images to find out more or click birds or fish here :O)

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