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Vintage Crockery to Buy

Crockery is a word I forget to use, preferring ceramics, homeware, tableware, pottery or just china. However it seems many people do use the word 'crockery' to find the yay retro! website, so I had a wee look at Google to see what they had to say about the word....

Crockery relates to plates, dishes and of course cups made of earthenware or china. In the 70s the term Ironstone was also used, particularly at the Staffordshire potteries presumably a term thought up to refer to the crockery's ability to withstand everyday use.

Apparently the word 'crockery' came from the old English word 'crock' as in a 'crock of gold at the end of the rainbow'. A potter was known as a 'Crocker' - I definitely didn't know that! By the early 18th century the word had been extended to become 'crockery'.

The most popular period of time that the word 'crockery' was used was in the period from the late 1860s to the 1930s/40s. There was a decline leading up to 2010, but it seems the term is on the increase. So if you are looking for vintage or retro crockery - you've landed in the right place! Pop into yay retro! and have a rummage now :O)

above... A typical example of a set of crockery from the yay retro! online vintage shop :O)
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