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Vintage Melamine Tea sets and more for sale!

yay retro! have a great selection of vintage melamine for sale at the moment including Gaydon, Melaware and also Insulex. All from the 60s, these sets include cups and saucers, salt and pepper pots, dishes, plates and serving bowls. Ideal for camper van owner,s caravanners and also anyone with a retro home. (We use ours in our kitchen - originally melamine was invented for use in the home  and was thought to be a replacement for ceramics).

We even have a picnic basket set. We think all of these would make lovely presents, plus it's never too early to make plans for next Spring and Summer's picnics!

We're also loving our party style set which includes red Melaware plates (still in their box!)  and sandwich flags - perfect for Christmas?

Why not pop into the melamine section of the yay retro! shop now, simply click here. 

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