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Adorable Poole Pottery Coffee sets

This is a very special early pre war 1930s Twintone coffee set from Poole Pottery. In the C84 sky blue and magnolia colour way.  Completely different to the later sky blue/dove grey  C104 glaze - placed side by side the sky blue seen above is much glossier and vivid than the later glaze. Another difference is that the pottery is very much finer and thinner in C84, than the later Poole Pottery C104 Twintone. Notice the lids on this early set which are a rectangular Art Deco shape rather than round. A beautiful gift for a collector.

The wonderful Poole Pottery coffee set above is from our personal collection, in the most sought after colour way (C96) ice green and mushroom ( a pinky colour). This includes 6 cups and saucers and a coffee pot in perfect condition - Snap this up whilst you can - another fabulous gift idea!

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