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Chatting to Ces from Supportive Business Mums

Recently Ces approached yay retro! and offered to promote some of our lovely Christmas gift ideas, we got chatting and this enabled us to find out more about her organisation Supportive Business Mums.  In the day time Ces runs her own graphic design business, she tells us that she gets 'greater job satisfaction by running her own business and providing affordable effective design solutions for small businesses, than when she worked for a global brand. 

Ces tells us Supportive Business Mums came about because ; "I care about my clients and go beyond designing, to do everything I can to support them as I want to see their businesses flourish. I set up Supportive Business Mums in 2010 as a site on which to promote other small businesses and it has been growing ever since. The site is there to help small business owners regardless of whether or not they are mums… most of my audience are business mums though, so the products and services I promote through the website tend to be relevant to that market".

Ces says the aim of Supportive Business Mums is to promote great small businesses and talented creatives. The website has: 'Best Buys' shopping features, interviews with business owners, guest posts with top tips and useful information, tutorials, recipes, craft ideas, blog reviews, a book section. Ces's 8 year old and 10 year old even have their own sections on which they publish reviews and fun things to do ideas. There are interviews with local business owners and also sponsored posts and paid 'blitz' promotion features. Look out for Supportive Business Mum's give aways, awards and the ever popular seasonal gift guides such as the one for Christmas supporting buying gifts from small businesses which is running right now.

Ces says that business success shouldn't only be determined by financial gain. "Success is really the act of achieving a goal you have set out to achieve regardless of what the goal is". Supportive Business Mums is not there to make lots of money. All the paid for promotion is really affordable and helps cover essential costs of running, developing and marketing the site. The site is there as an avenue for her to help support and recommend deserving, hard working, talented small business owners and authors who don't have massive marketing budgets. Ces goes on to say that, "The success of Supportive Mums is in the fact so many individuals tell me they found and loved a product or business we have promoted and have now become that business's customer and advocate. The success is in the amazing heart felt feedback I get from those businesses I support who appreciate how dedicated I am to helping them reach out to and impress new customers".  So, Ces's Top Tip is to think about, and define what success really means to you and your business?

If you would like to follow Supportive Business Mums on twitter click here, on Facebook here or click the images to visit the Supportive Business Mum's website :O)
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